Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!!

I returned home from Portland several days ago but have been pretty lazy and tired and have not settled down to do a post.  The trip was surprisingly easy, although tiring because of the long day going and the long return.  Everything went so smoothly - weather, flights, etc. - but five hours in the car to Chicago and then a four plus hour flight to Portland was still tiring for an old woman.  The wheelchair deal was absolutely the way to go in the terminal - and it got the three of us past the main security line and on our way in nothing flat.  I had kind of dreaded how getting through the airport would be and it was comparatively easy. 

I am sure all of you that follow my little blog know who is in the picture above - sweet little Annie, the newest member of our family - and Hannah home from the Peace Corps after two years in Mozambique!!  How good it is to have her back in the United States!  Seeing both of them was so very wonderful.   It would have been perfect if Norah, Chad and Henry could have been with us.

Ah, but in a way, they were!  Skype!  That is wonderful when you are distances apart.  Who would have ever imagined that you could sit around, look at a computer, and watch each other open gifts, talk to each other, almost like being there.  Never in my earlier life would I have anticipated doing anything like this.
And here are some of the family watching Henry open his gifts.   Sorry about the fuzzy picture.
The stockings were lots of fun and everyone spent time and thought on the gifts to stuff in them.  One of the stocking stuffers was a dvd that Bill finished of my 80th birthday at Sherry and Barclay's cabin that featured an impromptu Olympics done in the pool.  A riot!  What a bunch!  Pure fun.  Sherry brought along the paper laterns that you light and let go which we were going to try and do at a park, but the weather in Portland did not cooperate!  It rained all day Christmas but Christmas was still way merry and bright!!!! 
Little Annie Lewis! 

Happy New Year, my blogging friends!!

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