Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hollyhock Dolls

While looking around Pinterest, I spotted a picture that took me back to when I was a little girl in Rome, Illinois.   There was a picture of a hollyhock doll!  We had hollyhocks along the fence way back at the end of the yard and I made many little hollyhock dolls back in those long gone days.  Decided to see if Youtube had a video on making the little dollies - it certainly seems to have a video for everything.  Sure enough, there were two.
I chose this one - but she doesn't do it quite right-------at least the way it was done in Rome!!  She just uses the tight bud for the head of her dollie.  The next picture will show you the kind of bud to use.
A fuller bud, with the green peeled off gives your little girl eyes!  Isn't she sweet?
Another pretty little doll that I found when I googled the dolls.
And here is a lovely, lovely illustration of two little girls playing with the hollyhock dolls they have made.  This appears to be of the era or just a little earlier than the time that I made hollyhock dolls on summer days back way back when.   I wonder if little girls still make these little cuties.   You actually don't see many hollyhocks anymore.  

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Lynda said...

I had forgotten about these cute little dolls. I do have Holly Hocks in my backyard and can't wait for summer now to share them with my granddaughter.