Monday, January 21, 2013

A Very Pretty Bedroom in KC

Quite some time ago when Bill and Ann (my son and wife) were here for a visit, I gave them this quilt and some wall hangings to take home with them.   Since that time, Ann has done quite a bit of redecorating and this is the guest bedroom where this quilt made mainly from Kaffe fabrics is looking mighty pretty against the gorgeous plum walls.  The picture over the bed is a cross stitch that was done by my husband.  Thought you might enjoy the picture.

I have been running back and forth between labs, doctors, etc. the past few days.  I am evidently pretty anemic - hence, the reason for the lack of pep and ability to get hardly anything done.  Taking iron now, and today had a transfusion which I think will get me up and running much better again.  Now will wait for the lab work results to find out what has caused the drop in hemoglobin.  Didn't feel really bad, but my get up and go got up and went!

Going to be a cold, cold night tonight!!  Brrrrrrrrrr! 


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I stopped by from Pokey's blog. This room is so beautiful. Love the quilt and it's brightness. I'm quite impressed that your husband made the cross stitch picture.