Sunday, January 13, 2013

Something New

Thursday after Hannah and I went to lunch, we went to Best Buy and I bought a Kindle Fire and the necessary item to have wireless in my house.  I have been wanting to be able to watch streamed movies,etc., sitting on my couch or in bed and not here on my pc.  It is taking me a while to know how to get around on it, but I think I will really love having this.  The picture is beautiful!  I have started watching Downton Abbey and am hooked on it for sure.  Have always loved English movies.   I was going to get an Iphone but decided I would like this better.  Hannah hooked things up for me and got the accounts all set up.  It was so good to spend time with her again!  We spent lots of time around the computer when she was a little thing.
I have found my blogs, Pinterest, kind of found Facebook, and also my e-mails on aol.  Hope I can figure out how to navigate on this little gadget. One of my e-mails was from Sherry with a picture of Annie in it, and  somehow or other I was able to save it to photos.  This will be just like learning to use the computer - most of it was just stumbling on to how to do things.  
Here's the picture of Annie - an honest to goodness smile!  Probably won't watch anymore Downton Abbey tonight since Good Wife and The Mentalist are on.  Good Wife is really good!  Getting better all the time.
Our really warm January weather is over - I think it is snowing now.  Yesterday it was in the fifties!  That happens - January thaw. 

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