Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Now I am Almost Done!

I have been sewing practically all day and have finished the fourth border and I have drafted paper pieced blocks for the corners.  Just did the four with my ruler and pen since they are too big to fit a piece of paper for the printer.  Then I spent quite a bit of time cutting the pieces to use for the pattern.  Paper piecing is so tricky - it needs pieces so much bigger than you might think from looking at the space to be filled.  I was getting low on some of the fabrics, but finally found enough to do the job.  One place on this block I didn't make it all the way to the edge of the seam allowance, but I think I can take care of that by the "fudging" I mentioned.  Will wait until tomorrow to do the other three then I can press the borders, sew them on, and I will have the strippie quilt done.  Want to get the blocks sewn together for the dresden plate hanging, too.  But now it's time for a nice bath and some tv or kindle time!  It's snowing again! 


Leslie said...

Wow you are really working, maybe I need to take some iron also. lol Can't wait to see it.

Karen said...

Lovely! I watched the first episode of Upstairs, Downstairs and I am hooked too!

Jackie Fellows said...

your corners and boarder look great carol.