Friday, February 22, 2013

Hooked on Upstairs, Downstairs!

In an earlier post,  I mentioned being caught up in Downton Abbey - a really wonderfully, addicting show on PBS television.  When I got my Kindle, I was able to watch the first two seasons free on Amazon Prime.  Then I started watching Season 3 on PBS but missed a couple of episodes which I may just pay to watch.  However,  I started watching Upstairs, Downstairs and I must say I am just as taken with it as with Downton - maybe even more so.  This series was started in 1971 and has really held up well.  Love the cast - they are wonderful.
Here are some of the main characters.  There are many, many more.   Curiosity got the best of me and I googled the cast members - many of them have since passed away.  Many of them are in upper middle age or early old age.  It was so interesting to see pictures of them in the present.  It seems like they did another version of  the show sometime in the early 2000's and I know the pretty girl on the left was the head of the household in that series.  Evidently BBC cancelled that series after a time.

The lady and master of the house,  the Bellamys.  She is beautiful and he is a handsome fellow.  Both play their parts wonderfully.  If you find yourself  kind of tired of some of the things on television and wish there were more episodes of Downton Abbey, give Upstairs, Downstairs a try.  Some of you probably have Netflix by the month - that is where I watch it.  As I said before, I enjoy it as much as Downton - maybe even more.

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Karen said...

Both sound interesting. I will give Upstairs, Downstairs a try.