Sunday, February 24, 2013

I Thought I Was Almost Done

When I was ready to cut the borders for this quilt, I discovered I didn't have enough of the fabric I planned to use (by just a small amount!!).   I was not sure I was going to like the plain wide border anyway and I am just too frugal (nicer word than tight!) to buy probably $30.00 more in batiks so I decided to do a pieced border.  Lots and lots of sewing, but I do like it - and much better than I would have the plain one.  I am sewing in a one inch piece of the dark color between the varied light batiks and miraculously (at least on the narrow edges), it is fitting well.  The sides are longer so we will see how that goes.  There are always ways to fudge!  You have to be able to fudge a bit to be a quilter, agree?
I am almost through with the second short side.  My plan is to do some sort of a paper pieced corner to finish off the borders.  I think I will be able to draft one and print it out.  My old Foundation Factory software doesn't work in this computer and I miss it for things like that. 

The sun is shining nicely now - earlier it was snowing huge flakes - so very pretty!   I guess that is what they call "snow showers".  It's a little above freezing
so my front stoop and most of the sidewalk are clear.  Going over to have dinner with Sherry and Barclay this evening - pork chops!  Sher is a wonderful cook and I so enjoy having one of her nice meals.  Sometimes Barclay does something on the grill and he is a good cook, also!  In fact, he may be grilling the chops!    Either way, it will be good.


Leslie said...

That is going to be so very pretty, but lots more work. You will be happy that you took the extra time with this because it is a very special quilt. How about some applique leaves in the corners of the boarder. You will think of something for sure.

Jewels said...

Good fudging Carol LOL - trust you to figure out a way to fix it - look forward to seeing it finished. Enjoy your pork chops!

Karen said...

Oh Carol, that is a fabulous frugal border!!!!!