Saturday, February 23, 2013

Maybe Next Project?

Pinterest gets me in trouble!  This is what I found the other day and it has me thinking about what I could do with it.  I already have mulled it over in my head and figured I could do six inch squares which would mean one inch checkerboard sashings. 
Behind the sillouhette in the center square appears to be an embroidered outline of another applique pattern.  There are many, many applique blocks in my quilting books, files on my computer, etc., and I would have no problem coming up with twelve very nice patterns.   Better finish dresden plates first and get the borders on the strippie quilt. 

I found the quilt online at and it is by Richard Larson.   It is so sweet and so great in black and white.  Think I will probably have to give it a go!


Pokey said...

It is a stunning quilt, just your style!

Leslie said...

You could so tackle this. It would be wonderful.

Karen said...

A beautiful quilt! I say give it a go Carol.

Anonymous said...

Hi,I wanted to comment on your 2/22 blog. Have you seen "The Forsyte Saga" or "The Jewel in the Crown"? Both Masterpiece presentations. Excellent programs! MY library has them on DVD for check out. So they are out there.
I enjoy your blog very much. Kaye Park City, UT