Thursday, February 7, 2013

Strippy Quilt Progress

First,  I want to show you a darling little mouse pin cushion my friend, Lori, brought over to me on Sunday.  She had made it at a fun quilter's retreat that is held  a couple of times a year here in Midland.  I have been to the retreat quite a few times and it is a good time and lots of projects are finished or near finished despite all the giggling and talking.  Lori makes pin cushions (and other wonderful projects) for our quilt guild bazaar held in connection with our annual show.   I have quite a collection of Lori's beautiful handiwork.
Here is another pose of this sweet little mouse.  Thanks so much, Lori, I will take good care of him!

Next, before I post about the strippy quilt, I wanted to apologize for putting the verification for comments back on.  I really hated to do it, but I started getting spam - and in looking quite a ways back in my blog I found tons of it which I spent quite a bit of time deleting.   Too bad people have to spoil things but that is the way things go now.  So that is why if you want to leave me a comment (and I love them - all bloggers do!) I apologize for your having to read the silly, hard to read nonsensical words and the blurry numbers. 
I have been cutting leaves - a whole pile of them.  I am sure this is more than enough. 
There will be nine of the strips with vines.  I want a separation of the strips and have found this very pretty dark, striped batik that just seems to set everything off.  Yesterday I went to Linda's class (some of us not taking the class go along and work on our projects with Linda's blessing).  I hadn't been there or to Sit and Sew for a while and it was nice to spend time with my quilting buddies again.  I took along my leaves to cut out.   I showed them the idea I had of making a row of 3 by 1 1/2 inch strips of the leaf fabrics (piano key style) and using that bordered by the dark stripe.  Everyone agreed that the plain brown stripe looked the best so it won hands down.  On the way home, Leslie and I stopped at Park Bench and I bought more of it and now know how I will finish the quilt.  Much easier, also.  Now I will head for the basement and iron leaves on my remaining strips.  We are supposed to have a big snow - love sewing when it rains or snows, don't you?


Jan said...

So many pretty leaves, and such a sweet, little mousie.

Leslie said...

That's a good mouse to have around the house. lol

Karen said...

Lots of lovely leaves and the mouse is so cute!!!!

Chartreuse Moose said...

Your applique is gorgeous...but I have a bit of mouse envy after seeing that cute pincushion!!! ;-)))