Monday, February 18, 2013

The Dresden Plates

Part of the many pieces of the plates that are being sewn across the top prior to turning to get the pointed edge.  This so much easier than turning under the quarter inch edge as you applique.  The colors in this picture are much truer than the prior pictures.
Laid out on the bed are the three blocks I have sewn and one in the construction stage.  There are two different backgrounds here and a third darker one will be on the outer edges.  Trying to figure out a size for the inner circle.  I just don't like them too small.  That, of course, is just a circle of paper and I am thinking I will go with that size.  Altogether I need thirteen blocks - I think I really like this little piece.  It should be fun to quilt. 

Really enjoy working with these colors.  Good to be feeling more enthused about doing things again.  I am also working on getting the binding sewn on this quilt -
This is just a picture of the quilt as a top - it since has been beautifully quilted by Linda and I want to get it bound.  Still have a couple of unbound Christmas projects  that I didn't get finished and some unfinished quilting on Mexican Star which has turned out to be very pretty.   Oh, girl, you have lots of UFO's but still start new things!  I think that is a trait of a lot of quilters!  Will just forge on!!
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Leslie said...

Have soup in bread bowls for dinner and your chocolate pudding cake. Just pulled it out of the oven. Yummy, I will have happy family members tonight.

Your points are marvelous on your plates. You are something else.