Saturday, February 9, 2013

Thursday Night's Snow

We had a big snow night before last - decided I'd better take a few pictures of it since it is one of the biggest snows we have had since I have lived in Michigan.  However, it is just a "dusting" compared to what is going on out in the northeast.  What a horrible situation with so much snow and wind and so many people involved and so many without power.  Unthinkable.

 My neighbor's ac with a topping of snow.  Pictures were taken from my window.

Neighbor has a porch and the ac's are right outside.  Also shows some of the plantings sporting coats of snow.

The big pine tree in my front yard that has a ring of boxwood bushes all around.  Not much of the boxwood showing!  Street is nicely plowed and I plan on going out today for groceries and some Sulky thread for my leaves. 
Speaking of leaves, here are the final five strips all fused and ready for buttonhole applique.  There are 52 leaves on each strip and 9 strips altogether.   I have them about half done so will have quite a while at my machine before they are finished.  I am liking this project - great colors to work with.


Pokey said...

Br-r-r, that looks cold! I'm glad you have pretty leaves to keep you busy indoors ~

Leslie said...

Wow, talk about a ton of work to do on a quilt. It sure is going to be pretty. I know a great machine quilter that will finish it up for you. lol

Karen said...

That sure was a big storm! Love the last of your leaves.