Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

Happy Easter from Funoldhag!  Found this darling bunny on Pinterest this morning and thought he could deliver a wish for a lovely day with those you love.  And I hope he put lots of  eggs, jelly beans and Peeps in your basket!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Working on My Projects

Here are the four borders all pieced for the batik quilt.  I am so loving all these bright colors!  All I have to do is cut a narrow black border and a print border than add these pieced ones and I think it will be really striking.    The more prints I can get into a quilt, the better I like it.  I adore scrappy!

And here is another scrappy one - made with charm squares and some other pieces that I cut.  The little pink polka dot pieces stuck on the wall will probably be the corners in this.  There are sixteen blocks here and I have 25 laid out to do.  The border will probably be 2 1/2 inch x 5 strips laid out lengthwise and hopefully I will have enough of the little polka dot on white to do the binding.

A couple of blocks laid out on the bed ready to have the corners sewn on to make the star points. 
Lots of pieces on the ironing board waiting either to go into a block or into the border.  I will cut each one in half to be sewn together for a pretty scrappy border.   Very cheery colors to be working with - would make a darling quilt for a little girl's room!  I can think of a little girl who might like it in a number of years.   And I am also thinking of making something that would look cute in a little boy's room in a number of years!   (Click to enlarge)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Some Timely Vintage Magazine Covers

In a few days, Easter will be here.  It's quite early this year and I think everyone is ready for this lovely holiday after what seems like a long winter.  On Pinterest, I have a board for Vintage Magazine Covers.  I love the 1920's and 30's - the art and graphics of those years appeal to me so much.  Here is a copy of McCall's Printed Pattern Style News for April of 1924.  Love the little outfit with the bunny the little girl is wearing.  If you click this picture it will enlarge and show lovely detail.
McCall's of April 1920 - do you suppose she is shopping for an Easter bonnet?
Ladies Home Journal from April 1904--adorable little yellow chicks.
The Saturday Evening Post, April 1943 - the hen is pretty proud of her  fancy eggs.  All of these pictures are wonderful examples of the beautiful art on magazine covers.  

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Silhouettes Together and Some New Blocks

Here is Silhouettes all sewn together and ready to be trimmed and sandwiched.   I actually had quite a ripping time getting the sashing on!  I thought I knew what I was doing and started sewing the pieces to the sides of the blocks.  Nothing fit!  The corners did not come out right on all the rows.  I finally got the picture out - there was no pattern - and saw that you had to start with a white square on the top of one side of the block and a black on the other.  Eventually, I got it!  And I also found out that even with a quarter inch foot for my machine, I don't make really accurate quarter inch seams.  So had to sew behind some of the little seams and pick out the first ones.   Then I discovered I had cut the setting squares all too small.  The blocks are six inches and I used that figure.  Wrong.  You have to add the one inch sashing which makes them eight inches.  For the pieces for the four corners, I was able to use four of the side pieces, so just had to cut 2 large blocks and crosscut them twice.  However, I perservered!  And for that I get an Attagirl Carol Button!  At the end of this post, I will add the chart that shows you how to figure cutting those setting pieces.  It comes in so handy.  You can also make them bigger and trim the top after you have it all together. 

The batik-Kaffe quilt is ready to have the border strips put on.  They are all sewn together and that will be next.   I also have the Dresden hanging ready to be pinned into the quilt sandwich.  And then I started playing with some old charm squares----
Hanging around Pinterest gets me in trouble.  I found a quilt using blocks like this and thought it was so simple and pretty.

Here are four blocks which I put together.  In the quilt, they are separated with sashing, but I kind of like them butted together.  The blocks are big - about 13 inches so they would form a quilt quickly.  I have plenty of the white fabric with the multi-colored dots.  Last year sometime, I ordered some from Connecting Threads and it is quite nice fabric.
This morning I spent some time going through fabric in the basement and sorting things out.  I pulled pieces that I thought would go along with this quilt and piled them on the ironing board.  I will cut charm squares later.   Time to sort out some things for the guild bazaar at our quilt show next month.  Also will have to give some magazines.  This will be the first year I haven't made anything handmade to sell, but I think I will rest on my laurels.  Just am not efficient with my time anymore, but think that is normal for 84!   Here's the chart for the setting squares.

(Click to enlarge)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Best Conversation Ever

I was on Facebook for a bit a little while ago and came across this funny, funny video of twin baby boys having a conversation.  My friend Andy had posted it.  It is hilarious.  If you want a giggle,  watch it.  Enjoy.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sit and Sew

Today was Sit and Sew - always on the third Tuesday of the month.  A part of our guild, Quilters Squared, we meet at a church from 10:00 to 3:00.  Everyone brings along something to sew, if they wish.  You can just come and enjoy the company of a group of great gals!!  Today was a blustery day in March - winter is having a hard time letting go here in Michigan - but what a nice day it was for those of us who came.  I so enjoy this outing and I think everyone else agrees that it is a good time.  We look forward to being there.  Lots of talk and laughs and, naturally, show and tell.  It's the time to bring along what you are working on to show your quilting friends - also a good time to get ideas and to solve problems if need be.  We bring along new books that we buy for the other girls to look at and enjoy. 

Our usual routine is for those who do not bring a lunch (it is your choice) to go out to lunch someplace.  This is the second time that we have ordered pizza in since it was easier than going out in the wind and cold.   Any of you other Q2 members are welcome to come join us on the third Tuesday of the month.  I know you will be glad you did. 

Afterwards, a few of us stopped in at the Park Bench quilt shop and salivated over the gorgeous fabric there.    Pure eye candy!!   Naturally,  there was some fabric purchased.

Fun day, my quilting friends, I love being with you!!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Working on Both Quilts

Here are the nine rows done and ready to be sewn together.  I'm loving this  - the batiks and the Kaffe fabrics just go together wonderfully.  So glad I cut up the jelly roll thing I had sewn together, and glad that I decided to add Kaffe.
There are a few blocks that are half and half.  In the picture above, is some gold fabric with hot pink flowers that I just love.   Some of the prints individually I don't like at all, but they seem to blend in together just beautifully.  The colors in this picture and the following one are very close to the actual coloring.  The ones in the top photo I enhanced as they were too dull.  Now they are a little to dark but better.

Deciding on a border--I love the hot pink and maroon piece for a first border but, alas, there is not enough of that.  I will probably make a trip to the quilt shop and see what I can find.  The other pieces are just put up on the wall as an idea.  I do like them together and would add other colors, too, I think.  This has turned out to going from an absolutely nothing start to pretty exciting.  As for the little black and white quilt, all the blocks are machine buttonholed and I am working on sashing and have cut the setting pieces. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Cutting and Fusing and Cutting

Laid out on the back of a little wallhanging, the silhouettes piece is being buttonhole appliqued.  The setting blocks still need to be cut for this one.   I think I have enough strips for the sashing already cut ready to be sewn together.  I added one more different piece of fabric as centers for some of the flowers.  The applique goes pretty fast as you can keep going in a lot of places without lots of stops and starts. 
Remember the rainbow batik jelly roll I sewed together?   It was super long and skinny.  I didn't want to go buy another one so I cut the long skinny piece into strips and those strips into squares.  Then the squares were cut in half -- one square across the width and one across the length -- and resewn then trimmed to 7 inches square.  That looked better but it still lacked something.  So I got out Kaffe Fasset fabric and cut 7 inch blocks and scattered them throughout.  Used just the big splashy fabric.
Here you can see the KF fabric and a couple of the rainbow strip blocks.  I am liking it so much better.

Another shot of some of the blocks.  Figure I might just as well go for another bedsized quilt.  I surely can find some pretty splashy Kaffe or batik fabric for a border.  Also if I need more batik blocks, I can sew some 2 and 1/2 strips together and make more.  I love the splashy colors in quilts.  These two quilts are about as far apart in design as they can be--I do love most types of quilts and all colors!   Although I am drawn to the beauty of quilts with many, many patchwork pieces and the same colors throughout, I usually don't do that sort of quilt.  But I do appreciate and admire them!   

Saturday, March 9, 2013


A rough layout of the little silhouette quilt that I am making.   I have all the pieces drawn, fused to the black and cut out.  Six of them are fused down with seven to go.  There will be a cornerstone in each of the sashing rows between the blocks.  I like the little girl silhouette that I found online for the center.   The patterns I picked for the blocks are quite simple since the blocks are only six inches finished.   Patterns that are too elaborate have too many tiny pieces!   Some of the leaves are very small anyway.   Anyway, so far,  so good!

I happened to recall what brought about the making of the butterfly quilt in the last post.  I signed up for a block of the month by Robyn Pandolph while on a shop hop someplace along Lake Huron.  It was a beautiful quilt, and, as most BOM's are, very expensive over the time you are receiving them.  That was my one and only BOM and I never did make it--just accumulated the whole set of patterns and fabric.  Knowing I would never make the quilt, I used the fabric - which was so pretty but just in pieces many of which were quite small.  There were, of course, bigger pieces for the blocks.  I think I might still have some of that in my stash.   Although I know many people enjoy making quilts from blocks of the month, I enjoy picking my own fabric for my quilts.  So the little butterfly quilt really cost a goodly sum.  I have no idea where the patterns went - probably I put them into our guild bazaar.  I am also not a fan of mystery quilts having had a couple of disappointing results with those after a lot of work.   Goodness, I didn't mean to sound like I'm complaining because actually I'm not.  I figure things like that help you make better choices!  Have a great rest of the weekend!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Looking at Old Quilts

This afternoon there are workers here at my condo installing new fans in the bathrooms and also checking out the attic.  There has been trouble in some of the attics in the form of mold and insulation problems, etc.  So far, I think mine is pretty much okay.  They are installing some kind of bafflers (or something like that) to help with the ventilation.  Anyway, the way into the attic is a tiny opening in the closet where I keep all my quilts - the big ones on the shelf and wallhangings on hangers on the rod.  Those are pushed back and covered, and I took all the quilts off the shelf and piled them on the bed.  It is quite a pile!  Some of them I haven't seen for a long time.  I took a few pictures and will take more when I put them away.  Above is a butterfly large wallhanging from a Piece'o Cake book.  I was just learning how to stipple and it isn't too bad.  I embroidered the antennae (sp) on the little butterflies. 
 Here is a picture that shows a bit of the border.  The colors are quite pretty.
Color here is not good, but a closup of one of the pretty little insects.
Just part of the pile.  Fun to look at some of my work again.  There is the hexie quilt--I do love that one.  Quilting makes me feel good as I am sure it does each and every quilter out there!  I am working on the little black and white quilt now and have just traced all the pieces for the rest of the blocks.  Will go downstairs and press them onto the fabric then start cutting in preparation for fusing.

Last evening, I went to dinner with Hannah and Ian.  Hannah is home from Denver and her nannying for Henry.  Not for long, though.  She and Ian will leave for Portland, via Chicago and Madison, Wisconsin.  Hannah will nanny for Annie when Molly goes back to work this spring.  Ian will look for a job there and eventually they both will be going back to school.  Exciting times for these two great young people!  I am very much taken with Ian - a great young man!
We went to Midland's new Olive Garden and most of Midland had the same idea, but it was a joy to be with them.  Good dinner, too!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Where's Spot?

Hope this works!  Wanted to share this cute little video of Henry as he uses his quesadilla (sp) to represent his book Where's Spot?  He mimics the way it has been read to him - it is so cute!  Don't know what lanquage the little sweetie speaks, though!!  Enjoy. 

Friday, March 1, 2013

One Little Block

Working a bit on the little black and white piece that I want to do.  Have been looking for patterns to use - blocks will be six inches.  I have many, many nice applique patterns in all sizes and it is so cool to be able to scan and resize the bigger ones to use.  Only problem is, there are just too many choices!  That is the dilemna we are all faced with in this day and age - so many choices of everything!  It's so apparent at the grocery store - in the cereal aisle for one example.  Over the years I have picked out lots of wallpaper and always thought there should only be one book or maybe two.  We do have a lot of choices - confusing sometimes, but very nice.  I have already resized a couple of blocks - need 13 in all.   I love this little basket pattern.