Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Cutting and Fusing and Cutting

Laid out on the back of a little wallhanging, the silhouettes piece is being buttonhole appliqued.  The setting blocks still need to be cut for this one.   I think I have enough strips for the sashing already cut ready to be sewn together.  I added one more different piece of fabric as centers for some of the flowers.  The applique goes pretty fast as you can keep going in a lot of places without lots of stops and starts. 
Remember the rainbow batik jelly roll I sewed together?   It was super long and skinny.  I didn't want to go buy another one so I cut the long skinny piece into strips and those strips into squares.  Then the squares were cut in half -- one square across the width and one across the length -- and resewn then trimmed to 7 inches square.  That looked better but it still lacked something.  So I got out Kaffe Fasset fabric and cut 7 inch blocks and scattered them throughout.  Used just the big splashy fabric.
Here you can see the KF fabric and a couple of the rainbow strip blocks.  I am liking it so much better.

Another shot of some of the blocks.  Figure I might just as well go for another bedsized quilt.  I surely can find some pretty splashy Kaffe or batik fabric for a border.  Also if I need more batik blocks, I can sew some 2 and 1/2 strips together and make more.  I love the splashy colors in quilts.  These two quilts are about as far apart in design as they can be--I do love most types of quilts and all colors!   Although I am drawn to the beauty of quilts with many, many patchwork pieces and the same colors throughout, I usually don't do that sort of quilt.  But I do appreciate and admire them!   


Leslie said...

That quilt is going to be so colorful and pretty. Different is good to do some times. This quilt is one you would show and people would say, wow!

lil red hen said...

Are you doing the buttonhole stitch by hand or machine?

Karen said...

Your applique quilt is going to be strikingly beautiful. Great colors.

Pokey said...

The black and cream is fun to watch, I'm glad you share your progress. The rainbow batik is great! I think you will like it so much better!

Karen said...

Two very different quilts and both equally lovely!