Friday, March 8, 2013

Looking at Old Quilts

This afternoon there are workers here at my condo installing new fans in the bathrooms and also checking out the attic.  There has been trouble in some of the attics in the form of mold and insulation problems, etc.  So far, I think mine is pretty much okay.  They are installing some kind of bafflers (or something like that) to help with the ventilation.  Anyway, the way into the attic is a tiny opening in the closet where I keep all my quilts - the big ones on the shelf and wallhangings on hangers on the rod.  Those are pushed back and covered, and I took all the quilts off the shelf and piled them on the bed.  It is quite a pile!  Some of them I haven't seen for a long time.  I took a few pictures and will take more when I put them away.  Above is a butterfly large wallhanging from a Piece'o Cake book.  I was just learning how to stipple and it isn't too bad.  I embroidered the antennae (sp) on the little butterflies. 
 Here is a picture that shows a bit of the border.  The colors are quite pretty.
Color here is not good, but a closup of one of the pretty little insects.
Just part of the pile.  Fun to look at some of my work again.  There is the hexie quilt--I do love that one.  Quilting makes me feel good as I am sure it does each and every quilter out there!  I am working on the little black and white quilt now and have just traced all the pieces for the rest of the blocks.  Will go downstairs and press them onto the fabric then start cutting in preparation for fusing.

Last evening, I went to dinner with Hannah and Ian.  Hannah is home from Denver and her nannying for Henry.  Not for long, though.  She and Ian will leave for Portland, via Chicago and Madison, Wisconsin.  Hannah will nanny for Annie when Molly goes back to work this spring.  Ian will look for a job there and eventually they both will be going back to school.  Exciting times for these two great young people!  I am very much taken with Ian - a great young man!
We went to Midland's new Olive Garden and most of Midland had the same idea, but it was a joy to be with them.  Good dinner, too!


Leslie said...

Geez, if your cup (or closet) ever runnith over, let me lend a helping hand and I will store them for you on my premises. lol Love the butterflies and tulips!!!

Jewels said...

All old favs Carol - nice seeing them again! Hope they are done at your place so you can get back to normal!

lil red hen said...

I don't recall ever seeing such beautiful butterflies on a quilt! It's good to see that someone else does blanket stitch applique too; needle turn applique just escapes my ability.