Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Milestone - 1000 Posts for Funoldhag

Almost 5 years ago on May 12th, 2008, I did my first post on Funoldhag and this one today is #1000 according to the stats for my blog.  The first posts I did were pretty short with usually just one picture.     I just recently reposted the quilt that I featured in the very beginning.   It was a paper-pieced New York Beauty that I called "Attagirl, Carol" which was a pat on my own back for doing curved piecing for the first time!

This was the picture in the second post.  Lots of quilts, pieces of quilts, etc., have laid on that bed and been photographed for inclusion in blog posts.   Hitch Your Flowers to a Star is machine appliqued and hand quilted and was made in 1988.  The little pillow with the little girl is hand appliqued and hand quilted and the other two pillows are candlewicked.
It doesn't seem like five years ago since I started doing this.   I have completely enjoyed blogging and reading and looking at what other bloggers are writing and doing.  There are quite a good number out there that seem like good friends even though I have never actually seen or spoken to any of them.   Some of them I have been in touch with from the start.   Hope I get to continue blogging for a good long time.  It's been a joy.   I like it so much I have two other blogs - Pieces of the Past (have not posted to that for a long time but it is full of lots of fun old family pictures) and Just Quilts which I do post to occasionally.  The links for those are on my sidebar. 
I also have been loving Pinterest for over a year and check it out each day.  Gorgeous pictures of all descriptions.   Link for my Pinterest boards on the sidebar, too. 
So, for an old lady, I keep pretty busy and thank the good Lord for good health and my dear family and for being able to do and enjoy the things that I so enjoy doing as I get close to 85 years old.   I have a great group of quilting friends who I enjoy so much and love being with.   They won't let me play the old lady card!  What a great group of women!!
Now, for a couple of pictures to top off my 1000th post - here are the two newest members of my family!   Here's Henry--
 and here's Annie--
As I am positive you all know, I am mighty happy and so in love with these little ones!    


Leslie said...

Great job, Crazy, I sooooo love your blog.

tpott said...

Congratulations to you! I have only been reading blogs for about 3yrs, I enjoy your posts and wonderful photos. Please keep blogging, I look forward to seeing your quilts, quotes and reading every post. Congratulations again. Toni Anne ;->

Jewels said...

Wowsa Carol has it really been that long! You are amazing my friend - and how lucky to be the really "great" grandma of those two cuties! See you soon. J

Hannah said...

What a great milestone! I don't think anyone has a cooler grandma. Have some French silk ice cream to celebrate! xxxxoooxxxx

Pokey said...

I think it's wonderful that you continue to grow, challenge yourself and others, and create beauty in the world that inspires others. I think of you as an online friend, Carol, and congratulations on the 1000 mark! I hope to do that one day ~

Alicia said...

I was wondering your age & now I know. Found your blog through a pic on pinterest from one of your 2010 posts. You are a lovely writer & I've enjoyed your pictures & stories of days gone by. Memories are lovely, aren't they? I don't yet have as many as you (I'll be 59 in Aug.). Your posts remind me of a quilter friend whose health is failing, in fact she's several states away from home right now & has suffered a stroke. We're making a prayer quilt for her now.
**Your mastery of the computer (and your addiction to it, LOL), your chosen fabrics & livelyness-- love it all & wish your were nearby. I'm betting your really ARE a FUN old hag!