Thursday, April 18, 2013

Almost There - And a Quilt That has me Thinking

I have been quilting and quilting and quilting and am just about finished.  The little dresden wallhanging has just the new centers of the plates to be quilted.  I picked out the circles and put in small crosshatching.   The swoon quilt that I got back from Linda is trimmed and the binding is cut ready to be sewn on, so I will have that and the dresden plate  piece to bind. 

I have noticed on quite a few blogs a scrappy trip around the world quilt that has had me kind of fascinated.   Actually, my very first quilt was a crib quilt for Norah in a trip around the world pattern.  It was in greens and there is a picture of it on my sidebar which is followed by a picture of my second quilt, also trip around the world, done in reds.   In the picture shown here, you can see the individual blocks ready to be sewn together.   The how to for this quilt can be found at
I love this one, also.  The other day I ordered almost two dozen quarter yards from Glorious Color which is the website for Kaffe Fassett and his buddies' fabrics.  They are all in reds, oranges, hot pinks, etc.  Might use them for something like this.  It is done with strip piecing,  making a tube, slicing the tube then picking the individual identical rings apart at different places.  Check out the website and you will see what I mean. 
Another one - aren't they neat?   I kind of like having the middle diagonal row in each block being a uniform color as in the first quilt.  A white with black polka dots would be cool.  Endless possibilities!  And now for a quote---

"Hug your sewing machine!"


carol fun said...

Hi have great taste in quilts! That first quilt is my Scrappy. Trips 2.0.I got it back from the long arm quilter & hope to get the binding on today. And that 2nd one is my inspiration for my 3rd Scrappy Trip. I have a nice stash of Kaffe fabrics I can't wait to play with. This quilt is so much fun to sew!!

Jewels said...

Oh my Carol they are gorgeous - but what a lot of work LOL....that would certainly keep you going. See you soon - the quilt show is almost here!

sewsaucysuzy said...

Hi Carol---just stumbled onto your blog via a Pin someone had pinned from you. Read a little of your blog and thoroughly enjoy your quilts. I am collecting Kaffe fabric now--loved your earlier idea of applique with them. Just briefly checked your Pinterest boards--OMG---have to come back!! LOL---You are addicted to quilted as much as I am and much to my astonishment you are from Midland Michigan??? I am originally from Saginaw and my dad and his family were from Midland. After living in TX for 28yrs, I am back in Michigan, near Ann Arbor. What a small world. Maybe we can get together and meet. Susanne

Karen said...

You have been busy Carol. Love the samples of the trip around the world quilts.