Friday, April 19, 2013

Bright and Silky

The package from Glorious Color was in my mailbox this afternoon.  Here they are - 21 fat quarters and one half yard piece, laid out on the bed.  Such beautiful, saturated color and they feel so silky.   Not quite sure what I will do with them, but do have  a couple of ideas in this old head.  Thinking I might like some more polka dots!   I think maybe Park Bench has some. 
The piece on the end with the black background is the half yard.  I have had some of that before and love it. 
A closer look at some of them.  The piece in the lower right corner is just gorgeous in person.

I had a comment on the post before this one from one of the bloggers I have been following a long time.   The first picture of a scrappy trip around the world is her quilt and I had forgotten where I had found the picture.  She makes some gorgeous quilts, knits some wild and crazy socks and does beautiful cross stitch.  Also a Carol, you can check out her blog by clicking on The Polka Dot Chicken on my sidebar.  We have been checking out each other's blogs for quite some time now.   It's amazing how you feel like you know these nice people you have been following on the internet.  There are several of the bloggers out there I so enjoy being in touch with. 

Now a quote?

"You can always tell a quilter from the thread she wears."


Leslie said...

Oh my those fabric are to die for. They would be very pretty used in a trip around the world quilt. Are you thinking about trying one, they really appeal to me,also.

Karen said...

Beautiful fabric, excellent for a trip around the world quilt.