Monday, April 8, 2013

Doing Some Quilting

I have been quilting - and quilting and quilting - the past two days.  I thought this little piece would not take me very much time but I underestimated the job greatly!  What has taken so long is the sashing as I wanted to go around each little square since I don't plan to put anything else there.  The method has been to quilt up and down each side and then kind of crossing over which means that part of each side has double quilting.  I was able to get the same black fabric used on the top for the backing.  Another goof!  I am using black thread in the bobbin and have had quite a time getting my tension okay.  
The top thread is white and I have wandered over on to the black in a lot of places.  However, a fine sharpie pen is my best friend and I just cover those little stray suckers with the black ink.  I think in the picture above there are several places where I have strayed.  Things like this keep a quilter humble.
I am almost done!!!  I have two more blocks to quilt and that is the fun part.  The sashing is all done and all that will be left are the setting triangles which will just have radiating lines to the edge of the quilt.  Even though it has given me a small case of the fits, I still like it and am glad I made it.  I am aiming to have it in our upcoming quilt show.   (Click to enlarge) 


Jewels said...

Lovely Carol - and from here I cannot see ANY mistakes LOL

lil red hen said...

I like it too! I guess we all have a humility block somewhere in our quilts. The black sharpie is a good tip. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh man, bummer!!! I have never had to cover my mistakes with a permanent marker or colored pigma pen. (said with fingers crossed).lol See you tomorrow.

Karen said...

If I tried quilting that way I'm sure I would require several black sharpies! lol. A lovely quilt Carol.

Pokey said...

I sure admire your "humbleness," sweet Carol. I would have the same problem, and I hate deep contrasting the backing for that reason. Hope the Sharpie doesn't bleed through, but believe me, I have used those pens for several fixers, lol This quilt is really a beauty, I love its simplicity in the to fabrics alone ~