Saturday, April 13, 2013

Good Day to be in Quilting

Crazy weather!   It's been going from snow or sleet, which doesn't stick on the ground, to looking like the sun will shine and then back again to whatever it has been doing.   It's been a very, very unspringlike April so far here in mid-Michigan.   However, the grass is getting a tinge of green and the buds on the forsythia near my house are starting to swell.  It will come, I am sure.  So what a good day (and week) to quilt.  I am working on the dresden plates now and have the quilting all figured out.  Takes awhile to do each block. 

Decided to go pretty much traditional and have just outlined the plates then gone around each section with about a quarter inch line of quilting.   Not uniform at all--but not bad when you look at them overall.  Just stippling the background of each block.
I was going to look for a motif to put in the setting triangles and decided instead to do some crosshatching.  Think it will look pretty good.  Nine of the plates are quilted so four more to go.   The stippling goes pretty quickly working from one block to the other, but the crosshatching will take awhile.   Used to do a lot of crosshatching when I hand quilted and always loved the look of it - like little pillows - very pretty with applique blocks.
Quote of the Day:

"One quilting project, like one cookie, is never enough!"


Jewels said...

Really coming along Carol - what a crazy day weather wise!

lil red hen said...

This is so pretty! I like cross-hatch quilting too since I hand quilt.

I noticed in your "about me" section that you are 84 years old; you certainly do beautiful work. I'm 72 and hope to be able to still quilt at your age.

June said...

I so love the look of your traditional quilting, with such a traditional block it sets the pattern off perfectly. Regards from June in NZ

Leslie said...

You are really doing some great machine quilting. They all have been turning out just wonderful.

Deb said...

Lovely work so far, this is one of my favorite quilt patterns, I love the traditional patterns.