Monday, April 29, 2013

It Was a Beautiful Quilt Show

Just a small sampling of the approximately 148 quilts that hung in our quilt show this past weekend.  I must say, we have so many talented ladies who certainly know how to play with fabric and turn it into just absolute works of arts.  I will not try to put names of the quilters of each piece even though I do know who made some of them. What do you think of this strip pieced quilt?   Isn't that a gorgeous, clever way to really spice up the strips?  I think that is what is called jelly roll race quilting. 
You may see one you have seen before here!
So pretty! 

Lovely quilt from an Edyta Sitar pattern.
The two quilts above are the result of a black and white strip exchange in the guild.  There were a couple of others there, also, but I did not get them pictured.  Great quilts. 

This quilt is a stunner!  The quilter who made this beautiful Edyta Sitar pattern always does such wonderful work! 
This is the result of a class given by Linda, our guild paper piecing expert  - and she does fantastic work.  Designs all of her quilts on EQ7 and  is now making up her own patterns which are being sold in quilt shops.  If I were younger, I would be knee deep in her class!  She does it free one day a month and has a good bunch of students!  This is the result of one of her classes.  Very impressive!!   Two other class members had their pieces in also and it was so cool to see the different fabric combinations.  All three were equally beautiful.  Good job, Linda and students!

Two more smaller quilts - both gorgeous.  Top one is by Kathy (I will give her name) and she is a master (or mistress?) of machine quilting on her domestic machine.  You cannot see it, but the feathers and little circles and all the other beautiful stitching are awesome.  On the bottom is a little quilt done by Linda that is amazing.  Teensy, tiny pieces of fabric, all paper pieced and it's breathtaking. 
You have seen this before.
This one was the result of a class given by Edyta Sitar at our guild last winter.    I missed her trunk show and the class since that was when I was being treated for the lung problem.  Had so looked forward to her being at our guild. 
Loved the colors in this one.
One of my favorites - love the brights on the black and the quilter's choice of colors.
 So there you have a small sampling of the quilts we displayed this past weekend.  I believe we had 600 or more come through to ooh and aah over our work.  So many tell us they look forward to our show each spring and have been coming for a long time.  I think we started having them around 1999 or 2000 so it's been quite a while.  There is  no room for vendors, but we have a bazaar with some handmade items, lots and lots of books and magazines, unwanted fabric, quilting tools, you name it.   We do very well on that little venture!   Actually, some of the show goers hit the bazaar first.  On Sunday everything is half price and most everything sells.  The girls who were in charge of our show this year did a great job!!  Fun weekend.
Wanted to say that I know spring is here!!  We have the sweetest little old lady up the street who is in her mid nineties.  She has a tricycle.  Today I saw Eleanor ride by on her trike!   One of the nicest ladies I have ever met.  Bless her heart!
Haven't been giving a quote - so will find one!
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Leslie said...

Oh it really was a good show this year. All of the quilts were so very pretty.

Jewels said...

The first quilt -Leslie's - was my favorite - it was a GReAt show and if they had 600 guests they did really well! Enjoyed seeing you there Carol :)

annquilts2 said...

You are so right Carol! Talent abounds in this group! I truly enjoyed the show.

Grit said...

Wow, wow, wow....FANTASTIC !!!!
Grit from Germany

Anonymous said...

Is there a pattern for the star compass one.....if i read it right, designed by a Linda, with students. Wish there was more info to find.

Greetings from Helle Reed in Denmark.