Sunday, April 21, 2013

Second Post Today

It's a few hours after I did the previous post and this is what I came up with for the first Scrappy Trip.  I plan to keep the black with the polka dots and the little black checks in the same position in each block.  Will be anxious to see how that comes out when they are butted against each other.  What fun to work with color!!!  And I did this one right this time and it was much easier.


carol fun said...

Oh I like this one a lot! I found that I needed to have some sort of road map for my blocks. I kept the center diagonal a constant in both of the ones I've made. I like that it imposed some order in all the crazy fabrics I chose. Have fun with this!

Karen said...

I love it Carol!

Leslie said...

Well maybe after the quilt show I should gather some scraps and try my hand with it. However, If you couldn't figure out the pattern can you just imagine the problems I will have with it. lol I hope you enjoyed your dinner date last night. The boys put patio furniture out front for me on the covered porch, now I can watch the world go by all summer, or atleast the neighbors go by. Have to put name tags on quilts today.