Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Beautiful Day

A gorgeous day again - I should be outside doing something, but there just isn't that much to do out there.  Plenty to do inside.  I did do a tiny bit of gardening yesterday.  Went to Kroger after going to the dentist and they have all their garden center things out now.  As a mother day special, they had hanging baskets of impatiens for $7.99 - how can a girl resist that!  All the same color - a gorgeous hot pink.  I bought one and hung it in the mountain ash tree in my front yard.  This year there will be no container on my little porch.  Instead, I will get someone to put up a sturdy hanger and have a great hanging basket by my front door.  Will cut way back this year on planting but, of course, not all the way back.  Above is a gorgeous little Christmas cactus (I think they called it summer cactus) that Kroger had last week for $5.00.  It is so pretty and one of the leaves has four flowers on it.  The flowers aren't long like the familial cactus but it is a beauty. 

 Have been working on scrappy trip.  Just a few more blocks to go and it will be ready to be sewn together.  The blocks kept falling off the wall in the basement so brought it up to the bed.  I rather like this layout and have almost definitely decided to put it together in this manner.  Can a person be "almost definite"? 

Quote for the Day:
             "All people smile in the same language."


Jewels said...

It has been absolutely gorgeous these last few days Carol! If it's like this all summer I will be a very happy camper :)

carol fun said...

Love the Scrappy Trip - I recognize some of those fabrics from my stash too! LOL Oh all the hanging baskets that are out now are so pretty. I have my eye on one with purple petunias - hope I can pick it up tomorrow. Enjoy this lovely weather!

Leslie said...

Your quote is oh so true, I love the quotes keep em coming.

Ali Honey said...

Love the quote!
I have a Christmas cactus just coming out at the moment. It's not Christmas so I call mine by it botanical name Zygocactus. It's lovely whatever we call it.

Karen said...

Yes, a person can be almost definite. lol. The scrappy trip looks fab and a gorgeous day it is!

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I love your summer cactus. I have never seen one with blooms like that.