Friday, May 3, 2013

Some New Little Pin Cushions

 I made a couple of small purchases at the bazaar that goes along with our quilt shows - some books, too.   I could not pass up these little pin cushions made by two of my favorite people.  Leslie made the darling little strawberry.  I also have other little pieces she has made including another pin cushion that features some felted wool.  The sunflower is a ring and was made by Lori.  I have quite a collection of her pin cushions going back quite a few years.  Since I was a Kansan for lots of years, sunflowers are a favorite of mine.
Working on the scrappy trip.  I think I have twenty or twenty-one blocks made and will probably do thirty.  I'm finding that I need more light fabrics in the mix.  If I do thirty, it will be approximately 60 x 72 without a border which would make a good size for napping on the couch!
Here are some of the strips cut and ready to be sewn into blocks.  It actually goes pretty quickly   Doing the strip piecing and slicing that into rows is so much easier than sewing 2 1/2 inch squares together.  You do have to do some picking with the seam ripper but that is not all that bad. 
A Quote for the Day:
     "If at first you DO succeed, try not to look astonished!"



Jewels said...

Liking how your quilt blocks are shaping up! Look at Henry hiking! What a little champion... Annie is looking quite sweet too - have a wonderful weekend it is supposed to be glorious weather!

Leslie said...

I love your quote, it made me chuckle, but how true.