Friday, May 17, 2013

Some Ruffly Crochet

For sometime now, I have seen ruffling yarn at Joann's and on the internet and also seen some pretty scarves made up using it.   On a little trip over to Frankenmuth for dinner with my quilting buddies, we stopped at Rapunzel's, a shop that has jewelry, clothing, other odd's and ends and gorgeous yarn.  I bought two skeins of the ruffling variety but have never done anything with it.  You can either knit or crochet and, since I am not much of a knitter, I am choosing crochet. 
This pretty aqua, turquoise, etc., was one of those from Rapunzels.  Last night I did some crocheting with it and think it will be pretty.  Actually, I will probably make a really long one (there will be plenty of yarn) and it can be worn double.  The other piece I bought with that I haven't done anything with yet. 

In the first picture is the start of a scarf I am crocheting with some lovely yarn with a big mesh and a sparkly trim.  That, too, may be done long and worn double.  It is some I ordered from a place called Webs.  It's called Broadway Rainbow.  Kind of loud but pretty snazzy.

This is something called ladder yarn.  I have tried and tried to knit on this but am all thumbs, so I got out the crochet hook.  This stuff is really pretty but it is a skinny scarf so it, too, would surely have to be doubled.  I have another skein of white like this and maybe will take it to Sit and Sew and have one of the girls who knits help me get going on it.  You can make a much prettier piece by going back and forth instead of knitting continuously.  They really go quite fast and are so pretty.  This one is a sparkly yarn called Tinseltown.

I am going over to my daughter and son-in-law's in a little while.  Sherry had a hip replacement last Tuesday and is doing well.  She came home this afternoon.  I am so glad it is in the past now and know that she will recover quickly and fully.  The surgeon did a new procedure (his third time) where the muscles and tendons are not cut which will mean quicker healing.  My girl is strong, healthy and will do all that she needs to do to get back to the way she was before the arthritis took its toll on her hip.   We are living in such a remarkable age - years ago people just had to live with the pain.  Now most problems like that can be resolved.   Thank heavens.


Jewels said...

Lovely wool Carol - I really want to get back to crocheting there are so many pretty colours and patterns now...Glad to hear Sherry is coming along :> Have a lovely weekend.

Karen said...

Wishing Sherry a quick recovery and I love your ruffly crochet.

Leslie said...

Glad to hear sherry is recovering. Best wishes to her. I will be at the cottage with Linda on tuesday. I am going to a long arm clinic with her. Not sure what I will be getting out of it. Lol