Monday, May 20, 2013

Thinking About How to Use the Kaffe Fabrics

I have been looking through my books and on the internet trying to decide how to use the pretty Kaffe Fasset fabrics I bought along with some that I already have.  The scrappy trip quilttop is done and the one with the white star in the middle of the block is almost finished, too.  I will have to get backing for those two and  two other tops which I will have quilted.  This pretty thing above is one idea I like.  It's laid out on the diagonal and sewn row by row with setting blocks and corner triangles.  This is just a long narrow piece to put across the bed - something like 28 x 85 - so it would need to be made quite a bit larger. I have quite a bit of red batik fabric that I could use.

Another one that I think is really scrumptious.  Each block appears to have four smaller blocks and all is outlined in black.  To me, this one is really cool.
Another pretty one - the pattern for this is in one of the Kaffe Fasset books that I have.
I so love red!!!  This is gorgeous and nothing but rows of blocks on the diagonal.  This would be very easy.
Not all in red, but it would be great.  This one I would paper piece.  
I actually made this one, very similar, probably ten or twelve years ago.   I found that pattern in a magazine.  One of the girls has this quilt.
Another one that I really like - the snowball block.  It would be quick, easy and very striking if I got the colors all right.
How about another dresden plate?  I'm thinking hard about this one.  I think it would be beautiful in those color drenched fabrics!  Maybe on assortd red batik background blocks?   Think I will make up a test block of this and also the snowball one.   

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Karen said...

All wonderful patterns. The one outlined in black is really rich in colour, I love that one.

Leslie said...

I think I agree with Karen, I like the one outlined in black also. I do like the diamond one and the Dresden plate one also. Hope sherry is still feeling better.

Molly said...

I have the red quilt and I love it! I love you too!!! Molly