Monday, May 13, 2013

A Good Day

What a nice Mother's Day!  Despite the cold, windy weather, it was a sweet day.  A beautiful boquet from Bill and Ann came a few days before and a phone call with Bill yesterday.  The flowers are still gorgeous.

I went over to my daughter's for dinner last evening and there was a beautiful hanging basket of double hot pink petunias (they had to spend the night inside since it frosted last night so they are by my patio door) along with a cool glass that will keep your water or drinks cold.  And a great dinner with special porkchops from one of the meat markets here.  Then there was a skyping session with Norah and family.  It was also Chad's birthday.  We watched that cutie pie Henry as he played - he is growing so fast.  Really is a busy little fellow.  Later a phone call from Hannah and today Molly and I will skype if I can get it on my Kindle which is all set up for it.  Lovely, lovely day.

One more gift that really touched me.  Barclay, my son-in-law, is noted for writing poetry for all occasions.  That is what they send out every year for Christmas cards and everyone looks forward to Barc's poems.  He wrote poems for the girls graduations, weddings, etc.   This year, he bought me a funny little card himself and wrote me a poem.   It was so very sweet and  really touched my heart.  Thank you,  my dear Barc, that meant so much to me.  


Leslie said...

How special, surrounding yourself by people that love you is always the answer.

Jewels said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time Carol - and you deserve it! Hugs