Friday, May 10, 2013

Where Did Spring Go?

My furnace just ran!  Our great weather has left us for a spell but will be back next week sometime.  I think my pretty little hanging basket will have to come inside tomorrow and Sunday night.  Too early to put things out here in Michigan without being prepared to bring in or cover.

Spent some time in the basement today putting things away and straightening up in general.  Ran across this little strip that I had done for a strippy round robin our guild had lots and lots of years ago.  I never finished mine--there are several in that category here at my house.  I found the pattern in an old Sampler Quilts magazine and still have a page showing a wall hanging made out of these blocks.  This was back when I did nothing but machine satin stitch and I was pretty good at it.  I am always amazed at the fabrics in the older pieces.  

Here are two more blocks - there were five altogether including another fat little cat and another angel going the other way.  If I could find something to use for sashing and a border, it might be fun to finish this little thing.  I think it's kind of cute.

These blocks are really old!  They were made probably in the mid 80's.  Look at all that small print fabric.  You seldom see any like that anymore.  It would make wonderful background for applique in the lighter colors.    Actually, I have quite a few of these but will never do anything with them.   Like most quilters,  I have  orphan blocks or rejected ones some of which might make neat mug rugs if I ever got in the mug rug mode.

Here's a quote for the day:

    "What a wonderful thought it is that some of the best days of our lives haven't
     happened yet."


Jewels said...

Oh Carol I think you should use those cute blocks - love the colours! Hope to see you Tuesday though I will be coming late....hugs, J

lil red hen said...

Yes, by all means, use the blocks! The colors and prints are so pretty! And your applique work is fabulous!

Karen said...

You have a joyful applique style.

Leslie said...

I hate calling them orphaned blocks, it means they are somewhat unloved. Please love them, come on you can do it. I am sure you can find fabric that will finish them wonderfully as well as someone to love it's finished self.

Karen said...

I love the blocks! Yes, turn them into something wonderful.