Sunday, June 30, 2013

On the Basement Wall

Here are the little sunbonnet girls on the wall in the basement.  I changed the way I am putting the corners on each of the blocks---they are now butting against another corner of the same fabric and I am liking that better.  Haven't figured out what the border will be.  I thought it would be the pretty multistriped dotted fabric but am now thinking maybe it will be some of the batiks.  Will play around with that.  

 I tried to do something different with some of the bonnets.   I think this one turned out cute.
 Fun to dress the girls.  Sometimes you can hit on something instantly and other times it takes a while.   Sometimes you have to move the template around on different places on the fabric.  

While looking around on the internet this afternoon, I found this -

beautiful paper pieced quilt by my friend, Linda McGibbon, who does the most exquisite work!  This lovely piece was in a quilt show in Shipshewana, Indiana, and I know it won a prize.   I think she had two of them in the show and they both won ribbons.  Will check on that for sure.  I just happened to find this on a blog called
She designs all of her quilts on EQ 7 (I think that is the number) and is now selling patterns.  She also does long arm quilting and has quilted some quilts for me - her work is beautiful. 

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Stupid Carol Trick

 I have been working on the sunbonnet girls -- have three of them fused on blocks and stitched down.  This little gal is done with her four corners sewn on and
this cutie is by my sewing machine waiting for her corners.  There is a third one all buttonholed and done that I won't be able to use.  Another stupid Carol trick!  I have cut all the blocks 9" square, but for some reason or other I had it in my head that I had to trim half an inch from each one before I put the corners on.  As I was trimming a block, I looked at my layout and saw that I had written 8 1/2" - cut the block 9".  Thank heavens I found my mistake or I would have three unusable blocks and would have really been fuming!   Guess those things keep us humble.

I can see looking at this picture that I probably will put a different triangle in the lower lefthand corner.  I also am thinking about something to put in their hands - maybe a posie of some kind. 

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Now I Can Work on the Blues

I have been looking around on the internet and in my books and files and have come up with this as a layout for the blues and greens that I have been wanting to cut into!   Love the offset rows.
It will be a very traditional sunbonnet girl wallhanging - and I have narrowed it down this chubby little minx which came from the Kansas City paper sometime in the late 70's or early 80's when we lived there and
 and this little cutie.  If I choose this little girl, her hat will be very plain.   The piece will be traditional but in the modern fabrics.  Don't think I will be using rickrack, either.
I started cutting blocks and triangles and putting them on my basement wall.  So far,  it is what I was envisioning.  Love, love, love the colors!! 
Here I have pinned both patterns on the blocks and I am really leaning toward the cutie in the upper left corner - however she will be a bit smaller. 
In this photo, I have put a piece of fabric that I totally love next to the pieces.  I have ordered some yardage of that and will use it for backing and do something about a border.  No decision on that yet.  So far, so good! 

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Almost Finished

Four out of seven rows together--seams pressed and ready to sew the final three rows.   Will start with the corner unit and get the last three rows together then sew that piece to the bigger one.  Will just have the pressing left.  I love red, I love batiks and I love Kaffee Fasset fabric - this is one of my favorites.

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I've Got the Blues - and Greens, Etc.

I ordered more fabric from Glorious Color and also made another trip to Park Bench for some batiks and a couple more pieces of  this scrumptious stuff.
 I want to do another quilt in these colors - an old traditional pattern in the modern prints.   My red dresden plates is ready to be sewn together and I will not start cutting on this one until the plates are sewn.  But I am thinking hard about my next piece.
I sew love the cut of fabric stretched out against the others!  Sent an order for some yardage of that.  It is soooooo pretty.
Here you can see the pieces of batik I bought yesterday for backgrounds - plus some I had in my stash.  Yummy stuff.
Here's what I'm thinking - what would happen if Sunbonnet Sue

had developed a crush on Kaffe Fassett and the other fellows who design fabrics with him.  I'm thinking it might be a pretty colorful old traditional quilt.   But I am going to get Dresden Plates all together before I start finding the right Sue or Sues to use.   I have figured out a layout and itch to start it.  

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Friday, June 14, 2013

Still Seeing Red

 Progress on the dresden plates quilt--I have about 14 of the blocks done.   The plate above is centered on its block waiting for me to use my Elmer's gluestick to hold the edges in place.  The center has been appliqued with the invisible machine applique stitch using a Sulky orange on top.  You can see the bites into the center, but it looks great.

This block has been appliqued down and I used dark but clear filament thread in my machine.  It went quickly and the bites don't show enough to detract from the piece.  So much quicker than hand applique.

A week or so ago I stopped at the Park Bench to get some more fabric for this quilt and I had some of the plates with me.   Patty, one of the owners, was loving it and after I left, I think she started making a block of her own.  She also got Ann, her partner, going and Ann, too, is working on some gorgeous blocks.  I was in there today and they had been searching through Pinterest for more ideas.  They have a post on their blog, too -
Park Bench Quilt Shop: Dresden Plates Modern Style!.   The Park Bench is a beautiful quilt shop, full of scrumptious, colorful fabric - these girls have an eye for it.  I would love to have at least half a yard of each bolt!!!   That ain't going to happen, though, but I will get as much as I can.

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Friday, June 7, 2013

Yesterday - A Very Good Day

 (Just proofed this and also went back a couple of posts - I had already put up my petunias.  Just ignore these!!!   Keep in mind how old I am!!)

Will start this post with a picture of my gorgeous double petunia basket that I got for Mother's Day.  Probably have posted it before, but the blossoms are just beautiful.

Yesterday was a very good day, as I use as a title for this post.  A couple from Iowa that were a big part of our life in the 1950's and who I have never lost touch with came to see me.    We had not seen each other for over twenty years and it was so very good to be with them again.  Ray and I spent lots and lots of years square dancing from very early marriage.  When we were transferred to Ft. Madison, Iowa, a group of the Santa Fe people from both Chillicothe and Marceline, Mo., got a club going.  Our caller came from Burlington, Iowa, and couples from there joined in - Garnett and Harold were among those dancers.  Over time, there were four couples that we would dance with a tip or two each time and what fun we had.  We also went to each other's homes afterwards and spent lots of other time together playing cards, etc.  What I find so amazing is how the years seem to melt away and you pick right up where you left off.  The three of us are the only ones left of our "square" - we had such a delightful time getting caught up on our families and old friends.  That was such a great time in my life.  Had I had my "druthers" I think I would have been very happy just to stay in Ft. Madison.  However, that was not to be and life has been very good.
Here is our "square" - Garnett and Harold are the couple on the left and the old hag is third from the left.  Ray is kneeling next to Harald.   We had so many fun times and so much laughter with these sweet people.  Beautiful memories!

How about a couple of pictures of my flowers?
The big pot from last year all planted.  The chartreuse trailing plant lived through the winter in the pot.  There are two other pieces toward the back.  Found the pretty cosmos and thought they would look nice in the mix.
Don't know what this is, but I found it at Kroger and brought it on home to put by my old hand pump.  I love white, frilly flowers.
Sewing this top together and am almost done, but I have to do a little ripping - she who sews rips! 

 See the two red and white blocks together?  Just too harsh!  Tried turning the strip upside down but the setting triangles do not fit that way so will remedy that later.  There are two rick rack pieces together, but at least they are going opposite directions.  I didn't see them until I had the long seam all sewn - will not be rippin' that one!

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Monday, June 3, 2013

Finally Some Planting at My House

This hangs beside my front door - my attempt to outwit the deer that live in our area!   Sherry and Barclay (my daughter and son-in-law) came over yesterday and Barc put up a couple of plant hangers for me.  This year I will have mainly hanging baskets - two of which I have planted and the rest I bought already filled.  I did add a little sweet allysum to the ones with geraniums in them.  The other one I planted is a pretty one for hanging out in the fir tree in front.  I couldn't get it lifted up there tonight so will find a tall, stronger person to give me a hand.  I did plant a big planter at the side of the house, but I didn't get a good picture of it.  Will show that later.   Sometimes the brighter flowers don't photograph is nicely in the bright sun. 
Here is the gorgeous double petunia plant the kids gave me for mother's day.  I put that in another pretty little hanging basket I have had for quite a while.
This is part of a very large plant in a basket that is hanging on the fence.   Some bright red petunias and some of the new little ones in hot pink with a yellow center.  Reminds me of my pretty fabrics in the dresden plate quilt.  I am now doing the circles for the 25 plates and I will be doing the invisible machine applique stitch.  I have one plate all done ready to be sewn on the block.  I am liking that piece very much.

Sherry had her surgery for hip replacement three weeks ago tomorrow.  She is doing so well!  Yesterday when they came over she didn't have her cane and she is walking pretty much without a limp.  Also, she is driving again and taking about three weeks of PT.  She still has healing to do, but she is really doing wonderfully well.   What a trouper my girl is!

Quote of the Day:   (Appropriate for now!)

                    "Don't forget to smell the flowers!!"