Monday, June 3, 2013

Finally Some Planting at My House

This hangs beside my front door - my attempt to outwit the deer that live in our area!   Sherry and Barclay (my daughter and son-in-law) came over yesterday and Barc put up a couple of plant hangers for me.  This year I will have mainly hanging baskets - two of which I have planted and the rest I bought already filled.  I did add a little sweet allysum to the ones with geraniums in them.  The other one I planted is a pretty one for hanging out in the fir tree in front.  I couldn't get it lifted up there tonight so will find a tall, stronger person to give me a hand.  I did plant a big planter at the side of the house, but I didn't get a good picture of it.  Will show that later.   Sometimes the brighter flowers don't photograph is nicely in the bright sun. 
Here is the gorgeous double petunia plant the kids gave me for mother's day.  I put that in another pretty little hanging basket I have had for quite a while.
This is part of a very large plant in a basket that is hanging on the fence.   Some bright red petunias and some of the new little ones in hot pink with a yellow center.  Reminds me of my pretty fabrics in the dresden plate quilt.  I am now doing the circles for the 25 plates and I will be doing the invisible machine applique stitch.  I have one plate all done ready to be sewn on the block.  I am liking that piece very much.

Sherry had her surgery for hip replacement three weeks ago tomorrow.  She is doing so well!  Yesterday when they came over she didn't have her cane and she is walking pretty much without a limp.  Also, she is driving again and taking about three weeks of PT.  She still has healing to do, but she is really doing wonderfully well.   What a trouper my girl is!

Quote of the Day:   (Appropriate for now!)

                    "Don't forget to smell the flowers!!"


Jewels said...

lovely flowers Carol and great news about Sherry!

Leslie said...

Very pretty flowers. Now the watering starts huh. Best wishes for sherry, sounds like she is doing just great.