Monday, July 22, 2013

An Old UFO and Another Henry Show

This one goes back several years - it was partially quilted.  Now it's all quilted and ready for binding.  Have no idea why I finished it, but when I was going through things a couple of weeks ago, I brought this upstairs.  Could not even remember for sure the thread I was using.  I should write that down and pin it on the piece of put thread, bobbin, etc, in a baggie and pin that on.   I actually think one of the threads is not the same as what I started with, but it's a busy piece and I don't think anyone can tell.  It will not be entered into anything anyway.  I do like the colors, though.

Hope I can find some of the fabric in the piece to use for binding.  There would be enough of the backing fabric that will be cut off which would work.   I almost have my umbrella hanging quilted, too, but was getting tired and quit for the evening.  Must water some flowers. 
Here is another Henry video.   He is so darned cute and so busy.   Children do not need many toys - they can have fun with lots of things!!!!   Enjoy.


Leslie said...

Oh Elle and I think that boy is sooooo cute. lol He is riding the watering can, how funny!!!! Poooor Tiny Tim doesn't have any toys.!!! Your quilting is to die for lady on the batik circle in a circle. You are something else.

Pokey said...

What a cutie! My friend and mother of 11-!- told me she learned a long time ago that little ones can be more happy with the wrapping paper and boxes as they are with a new toy, lol

That's a pretty batik quilt. Funny how we stop for whatever reason on a project, and it takes some time to get back to it, huh? You have it moved to the finish line now!