Saturday, July 27, 2013

It's Like an Autumn Evening

I am going to have to close the windows soon - it is getting chilly!!!!   Don't know where this weather came from, but it is very welcome compared to the heat of some days ago.   Such a good day to get a few things done.  I did some baking to take up to the cabin next week.  My house smelled soooooo good  - kind of like a bakery.  Doesn't smell that way very often anymore. 

And, of course, a good day for a little sewing.  Have been sewing corners on the squares for the snowball quilt.  The pieces I ordered from Glorious Color came (very quickly!!!) and I found quite a few in my stash so have a good variety.  I ordered aout 9 quarter yards and someone had written on my invoice "What a sweet pallete!"   That was kind of neat.   Here is a closer look at some of the blocks.   I am thinking 12 blocks by 12 blocks.   I love the colors.

Henry and his mom and daddy are at the cabin now and so is Hannah - they all just got there this evening.  Annie and her parents and I will be up there on Wednesday--can hardly wait to see everybody again.  So anxious to see the little ones.  

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Jewels said...

Looking forward to seeing you this afternoon Carol and your most recent pieces. How exciting to see everyone - hoping the weather stays this temp (but without the rain LOL) for your family party :)

Leslie said...

Have fun with your family my friend and enjoy those babies. Did you pack your bikini and sun screen. lol Enjoy!!!