Thursday, July 25, 2013

Next on Tap

Now that I have these two pieces quilted and the binding sewn on and ready to be handstitched, I am thinking about my next project which is coming from some of the fabrics I bought at the Bench garage sale last week.  
I put together two snowball blocks  using Kaffe Fassett fabrics from my stash which I had gone through to find all the ones that went well with the polka dot.  I also ordered a few pieces from Glorious Color and they should be here today or tomorrow.  This will be bright - but I think it will be pretty.  The dotted fabric was part of my good stuff from the sale.  It amazes me how great all the fabrics in that line go together, and how really unattractive some of them are when they stand alone but together with others- gangbusters. Most are, of course, gorgeous!  

I played around with my EQ5 last night and finally got a quilt made that looks like what I am shooting for.  I need lessons from Linda!!  Or I could just read my book that comes with it.  Didn't have lots of fabrics to choose from in my fabric library, but I think I captured the idea.
Hope I have enough of the dots to do a narrow binding and/or border.  Not even sure of the size right now. 

Several of my quilting friends and people reading my blog have remarked about all the projects I have worked on in the last months.   I guess maybe it's because as you get this old a sense of urgency  kind of sets in and you want to see if you can do some of the many things dancing around in your mind.   As far as needing any of the pieces I have made, no, I don't need them - but I need to make them, I guess.  When you are enthralled with fabric, color, pattern, etc.,  it's such a joy to spend the time working through the process of quilting or any other captivating obsession  you may be afflicted with.   Some of the steps aren't that much fun,  I admit, but all in all it's certainly good for the soul.   So I think I will continue just as I have been doing and enjoying it all while I can and being thankful for being blessed with the ability to be doing all this.
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Leslie said...

I agree Carol, There are "I need and I want". Most of quilters are of the "I want......" is that a bad thing now and then. I don't think so. lol

Jewels said...

LOL Carol - looking forward to seeing stuff on Sunday. And you just keep on going my friend :)