Saturday, July 20, 2013

Pretty New Fabric and Hot Weather

This week was the garage sale at one of my very favorite places--The Park Bench,  our newest quilt shop here in Midland.  The Bench has just gorgeous fabric - sells wonderful lines and is always a feast for the eyes.  The first two days of the sale fell on two of the hottest days here in Michigan in a long time.  Humid, hot and horrible!  However, Leslie e-mailed me and wanted to know if I would like to go on Thursday with her and Janet - and, of course, I did.  We did lunch afterwards and it was good to be out!   Very enjoyable time even though it was sweltering.   Ann and Patty had the fabric outside on the sidewalk and had a tent set up over a cutting table.  I think the girls took turns being outside on the sidewalk and inside in the cool.  I found fabric for backs for the two quilttops I had in mind.
Picked out the variegated dots for the top with the star in it.  It has lots of colors in it and will work well with that top.
This brown with the stripey dots looks well with the batik leaf quilt.   You can save so much buying fabric on sale and it is wonderful fabric.
 Today I went back - it is soooo much cooler -- and bought some more pieces.  Nothing special in mind (of course!) but just picked out ones that talked to me.  The first photo at the beginning of this blog has fabric with words on it in reds, greens and blues.  I see that as a wonderful background for applique - maybe solids.  And the piece with it I just could not turn down.  In the above picture, the top piece is a polka dot Kaffe fabric - have been thinking of a snowball block quilt--the dots would make wonderful corners.  The second one is just because I don't have many lights in Kaffe.  The yellow polka dot just is wonderful and the little yellow with black would be a great background.  Pretty ambitious purchasing for somebody almost 85 - but I will quilt as long as I can! 
Here are three pieces of batiks that just needed to come home with me.  All in all I am pleased with my purchases! 

Dancing Umbrellas - all sewn in rows, pressed and ready to be sewn together.  This is approximately 22 X 27 and is mainly made from charm squares.  It will be an easy one to quilt - just outline the pieces and do some meandering or loop the loop.  No border on this piece.

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Pokey said...

Wow, you went to town on those umbrellas! Like always, I LOVE what you do. Wish I could pop in and see your work up close, you are such an inspiration ~

lil red hen said...

Such fun purchases! It's always great to have several selections to choose from when you start a new project. 85? who cares; if they make you happy and feel young, go for it!

Love that quote!

Jewels said...

amazing Carol - so glad the hot weather is broken - up for a visit from Mr Darcy and me next weekend? Let me know.....

Leslie said...

I took Elle back and she got some very cute fabric also. They always have such a fun selection. The cool feels good, doesn't it?