Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Things Are Back to Normal

This picture shows two very old ufo's (the pillows) that I finished while I was waiting to get back two of the things that I am so accustomed to in my life.  My computer has been acting so slow and giving me problems so I finally had one of the fellows out to look it over.  It had to go to the shop so that was last Thursday - and I just got it back this afternoon.  Goodness, it's a bit like an addiction.  I certainly missed it even though I had the Kindle to keep up on things.  Typing on that is such a hard thing for me to do.  I do have a stylist but I lost in in the depths of the living room sofa and cannot get to it.   Then on Friday as I was heading home from Kroger with ice cream in the car, my car made an awful noise as I turned the corner.  Pulled into a drive by the high school, got out, and saw my tailpipe dragging.  Didn't take me but a few seconds to decide to just go for it and try to get home, dragging my tail(pipe) behind me.   I made it!!   Parked the little old thing (it is 15 years old with 38000 miles on it) in front of the house and just left it there.   Called the garage that I take the car to and they are closed on weekends but I had it towed in first thing Monday morning.  It was done by early afternoon.  No problems there since I had just been grocery shopping and had enough ice cream to see me through!  It is so good to have both of my belongings back in the fold!!   Back to the pillows, they are over twenty years old and were made with the same fabric as the quilt on my bed.  I think I quilted them several years ago, and just bought the pillow forms and put them together last week. 

My little Sue quilt top is finished and ready to be backed and quilted.  I really like it.

Took me a while to decide on the border, but came up with this and added a narrow piece of the yellow print batik.  I just folded an inch wide strip in half, sewed it to the top then the border over it.  Seems to make it pop a bit.
I need to find backing - I thought I would have plenty, but there wasn't enough.  Will do that soon.
This guy is eye candy!!!!   I have started watching Mad Men on Netflix and it is absolutely wonderful.  I think I am in my third season and have lots and lots of episodes to go yet.  There just is not much on tv so watching this really fills the bill.   Usually a couple an evening - they are about 45 minutes each.  Sometimes three episodes.  Great story, great cast and I love it.  I think this coming season is the finale.  

Quote for the Day---
I think many of us have found that in quilting!!


lil red hen said...

Your Sue quilt turned out wonderfully! I really like the idea of the yellow strip.

Leslie said...

Carol I love your sun bonnet sue quilt top. Sorry to hear about your car and computer, but great save on the ice cream and the mad dash for home. You are a special kind of girl. Lol.

Donna~~ said...

Your Sue quilt is stunning--that skinny yellow border really sets it off. I love the way those Kaffe's flow together, and the yellow green background is the perfect highlight for those center girls. You have a wonderful eye for combining colors--fearless too! As long as a girl has ice cream, most anything can be survived. Glad the car & computer are back to normal.

Pokey said...

Good thing you drug that tail home, no sense wasting good ice cream! Your pillows are pretty, and spent a long time as a ufo, lol.
Yo made a good call on the tiny yellow strip-is it just a flange edge?- and it sets the work off beautifully. Carol, you have such a good eye for color and style!