Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Settling Back In After A Very Fun Time

I promise you after this, no more mention of my big birthday!!  It was, however, capped off yesterday with going to lunch with ten of my favorite women in the world--quilting friends who mean so much to me.   They were wondering how many cards had arrived - and, my friends, there were 34 over several days.   That was so much fun - and such a nice surprise.  There were good cupcakes that one of the girls brought for everyone.  And another friend gave me two oh so yummy blueberry muffins, one of which is history now!!  Another good friend gave me a gift certificate from our favorite quiltshop, Park Bench, for a certain amount plus eighty-five cents!  Emphasis on the 85cents!   So now I will settle back and resume my everyday life which is a very good one!   What a fun birthday.

Thought you might like to see a birthday party from probably 82 years ago.  I am the little girl with her hands by her face.  I actually know who most of the women and children are in the picture but won't bore you with that.  I do think the lady at the end of the back row who is actually my favorite Aunt Leah, probably is holding my little sister Jo.   The picture was taken in the front yard of my grandparents' home in  Peoria, Illinois.   Someone had written "Carol's Party" right on the picture.   My mom's family did that a lot - and good for them!!  It has helped me identifying lots of people for my other blog.

If I don't get another post up before, have a wonderful end of summer Labor Day weekend!!  
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Sunday, August 25, 2013

How Very Sweet It Is

I am overwhelmed by the many wonderful birthday wishes for my 85th birthday blog post!    There were so many lovely comments--both from bloggers I have been in touch with for quite a long time to some I have never met online - and from all over.   I thank you so much for your kind words and for reading my blog.  It has been such fun writing it these past 5+ years. 
And, look at the basket of cards I have sitting on my hearth!   My fellow quilters in the quilt guild showered me with birthday cards for my big birthday!  What fun finding all the cards in my mailbox on each of several days.   Thank you,  my quilting friends, for the many cards and notes.  What a great bunch of ladies I am involved with.
And Facebook brought me many more birthday wishes from all over!   What a nice warm feeling to be remembered by so many.   Again, I am in awe of all the wishes!! 
Bill and Ann, my son and his wife, came from KC on Wednesday and we had a good birthday dinner with Sherry and Barc at their house.   That evening we did face time with my granddaughters and families.  There were texts also from all the girls and a long phone call from my brother in Florida.  It was such a lovely birthday.
I splurged and bought a new tv - it's smarter than I am!  Bill got it all wired up and all the components hooked up.  I am now able to play my cd player again, too,  - I had missed that.  Still have some putting away to do from all the moving around but no hurry on that.  I'm still using the old shelves I've had forever, but they hold my quilting books and I have no idea where else I would put them.  Bill also did some replacing of flourescent lights,  put a new socket on my floor lamp and quite a few jobs like that.    And Ann helped me with my new health insurance.  That is her line of work and has been for many years so she was a tremendous help.  The time went by quickly - they are back in KC now.
And, for me, back to my comfy little existence with a lot of happy memories of turning 85 years old.   86-----here I come! 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

85 Years Ago

Eighty-five years ago today, my dad filled out the birth announcements to let family and friends know that he and mom had a new little baby girl.

And here I am - probably over six months old.   Now I am 85 which is rather mind-boggling to think about, especially since most of the time I don't really feel old.  Of course,  I know I am, but I am one of the fortunate elders who has been blessed with a loving family, wonderful friends and the gift of quite good health  with most of my mind still intact.   I am so very thankful for all of those blessings.

Joining the Droll family later were two more little ones - Joanne (Jo) and Charles (Buddy).  Here are the three of us with our dad in a picture I had never seen until a few years ago.  Very few pictures of my brother when he was a child.  I love this picture.   My dear sister passed away in 1999 at 69 years old - way, way too young.  I miss her.  My "kid" brother and his wife, Dot, live in Gainesville, Florida.   He's only 80.
I grew up in Rome, Illinois, a wide spot in the road north of Peoria and south of Chillicothe where I went to high school.   The war was on, but I was rather blissfully unaware of it to a certain extent.   I remember the day Pearl Harbor was bombed.  I was in the eighth grade.   My brother was too young to be in the service and my father too old and there was no one close to me involved.  Factor in it would be years before there would be any television and the fact that I didn't read the newspaper that much and you can see why the war was something going on far, far away.   However, when I got to go to the movies once in awhile, there were the newsreels that made it real.  Rationing affected everyone, but everyone made it through and no one was complaining.   An entirely different world back then.  Growing up in Rome, we had no telephone and no bathroom!  Made it through just fine but to this day I want nothing to do with camping!   I guess we were really quite poor  --  but I look back at my childhood memories and there is the feeling of being a happy little girl.    

Our wedding day - that is not my hair but a big feathered hat! My Ray and I were married in 1949 and we had 48 years together and two wonderful kids.   

I love this picture of the three of them.  So many years ago -- sixty-four years on the upcoming September 4th.

Here we are quite a few years later ready to go to a class reunion in Chillicothe - mine, this time.  You've heard about the higher the hair, the closer to God.  I was one of the examples back then.

My parents, sister, brother and I sometime in the 1960's.  We had made a couple of moves away from Chillicothe by then. 
The family has grown - three wonderful and well loved granddaughters.  I still love being a grandmother - and now a great grandmother to two little sweethearts, Henry and Annie.  Those who follow my blog cannot miss the pictures of those cutie pies. This picture taken in the mid-80's when we had moved back to Chilli after Ray retired.

The last family picture taken before Ray passed away.  Our son, Bill, and his wife, Ann,  our daughter, Sherry, and her husband, Barclay,  Molly, Norah--
Ray, Hannah and me.   That was taken 16 years ago yesterday.   How blessed am I.   I also am so thankful I have this wonderful pasttime, addiction, passion, whatever you call it, for quilting.  It does not lessen as I get older.  I love the girls I have met through quilting and get to spend time with even though they are all much younger than I.  I am sure that helps me keep from growing old faster.   They refuse to let me play the "old lady card"!   And I so love blogging and the internet.  How fun to have lived long enough to see all that has happened in technology in the last 20 years.  How much has come, become outdated and gone, to be replaced by something else wonderful.  Now I have a cellphone and am taking up texting.   That is turning into a whole lot of fun, too.  I cannot even begin to imagine how it will be when my great grandchildren are my age!    A few posts back, there is a picture of part of my family  up north at Sherry and Barc's cabin if you would like to see a really recent photo.  Bill and Ann weren't able to be there, but they are coming here tomorrow.  I will be so glad to see them again.    My kids, their spouses and I will have a birthday dinner tomorrow night.

So, looking back over my 85 years, I am very content with what I see and consider myself a very fortunate woman.   This is a very happy birthday.

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Damn YoYo Quilt

Way back in 2006, our guild had a "Bag O' Stuff" challenge which I participated in.  The idea was to put all kinds of things in a bag which you would exchange for someone else's and make a little quilt from the contents of the bag.  Lori got my bag - Lori is full of fun and full of the dickens, one of my favorite quilters!  This is the little wall hanging she put together from the old fabric, buttons, etc., I had in my bag.  I also threw in some yoyo's for no particular reason and actually they did not even fit the rest of the mix.   Lori didn't use them but she called this the "Damn Yoyo Quilt" and wrote the funniest little note to go with it.  I probably still have that someplace but don't know where!!  

I do recall that she mentioned the center of the star coming together so nicely - and she was so right!!  Look at all of the many pieces in each star section and how flat the piece lies.  It is super pretty.  And she did a great job with her quilting.  I love it.  I use it as a table topper by the bed in my sewing room.

Here is the really fun label (using some of the lace and buttons) on the back of the piece.  Good job, Lori!  One of my favorite things.    Maybe it would be fun if the guild had this sort of a challenge again.  It may have been an over the summer activity. 

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Some Sweet Nostalgia

Yesterday when my daughter and I were on the way to have dinner at Red Lobster, she said she had been cleaning Hannah's room and taking things to Salvation Army that Hannah no longer wanted, getting rid of things needed to be gotten rid of, etc.   During the cleanup she came across these two darling, little quilted houses.   They were made for Norah and Molly, my two oldest granddaughters,  many years ago by my son's wife's mom - Ruby.  There was an August birthday party at Bill and Ann's house to celebrate multiple birthdays in that month.   There were Ruby, Norah, Ruby's sister and me celebrating on various dates.  Now Henry is in that elite mix!   Sherry said she will be sending the two houses to Henry and Annie - how cool is that.   I think they will have hours of fun with the cute little residents and their homes.   Later on,  Henry can share the play with his little sister!!!!   Norah is expecting a little girl this time - just found that out.  Yeah!!

Little bunnies live in one house and cute little bears live in the other.  Aren't they adorable?  Sherry did daycare when Hannah was a baby and these were also played with by her little charges.  

It ran in my mind for some reason that Ruby used a McCall pattern for this.  I googled it and I found the pattern! 
There it was on Etsy and it's cost there is $20.00. 
Here is a picture of the bunny house and inhabitants.  I must say Ruby did a super job on the wonderful gift she gave the girls.  She is a super lady, too!   Perfect second mother for Bill.

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sherry in the Little Dress

In my prior post,  I posted a picture of two little dresses worn by my daughter when she was a baby.  I knew there was a picture someplace of her in that dress and, wonder of wonders, I found it.  She must have been somewhere in the vicinity of 10 or 11 months.  She was a little cutie pie, too, just like Annie and Henry. 

When I was copying pictures, I copied this one of my son, Bill, and thought it only fair that I post this one, too.  This cute little fellow will turn sixty years old in December.  Where does the time go? 

Still working on the snowball blocks and have all the corners sewn on now - 12 in a row and 12 rows which comes out 144 blocks finishing to six inches.  Will probably add a narrow border of some kind.  Starting to sew the blocks into rows.  I do so like the colors.
Supposed to get to 47 tonight!!!!!    And this is August?   I will gladly take that over heat and humidity, though.   Stay warm out there.

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Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Old Hag has an IPhone

Oh, my goodness, talk about memories!   Sherry sent me this picture in a text last night - two of the little dresses she had when she was somehwere around 9 - 12 months old.    She wanted to know whether or not I had made them.  I did make the little red polka dot dress.  I embroidered the little duck under the flower and I even made handmade buttonholes on the back.   I think it's pretty sweet!  The little organdy dress was "storebought".    All through Sherry's life at home I made many dresses for her.  One of the first ones had what is called a "continuous lap" below the waistline.  I was almost defeated in figuring that out from the pattern instructions, but I finally did.   It's a wonder she didn't outgrow the little dress before I finally finished it!  Back in the day, little girls dresses had the full, gathered skirts and sashes that tied in a pretty bow in the back.
Here is a little still life I put together for some cards I made one year for the guild.  These are patterns I bought when I was pregnant with Sherry and actually did make a little flannel jacket from the one in front.  The stocking and bootie were worn by my husband when he was a baby.    His mom gave me a lot of his little baby clothes and I still have them.  Two of the dresses he wore are hanging in my bedroom.   I saved a lot of things from the kids childhood - could not bear to get rid of some of them.   
There is also his little sweater, mittens, baby dish, shoe, and a couple of little toys.  The slate I found in an antique shop and the blocks belonged to our kids.  Also a little chamber pot, part of my great potty collection.  The little dresses could probably stand to be laundered!   This shelf is really dated - my entire house is really dated!  However, I am, too, and I love my comfy little place with all it's old stuff. 
Still sewing corners on the blocks for the snowball quilt.  About halfway through now.   From post title, I now have an IPhone and am working on mastering it.  I can see where this texting will be really fun and will love being included when the girls send photos and little videos of Henry and Annie.   This whole deal just boggles my mind - what a world we live in!  
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Monday, August 5, 2013

Thanksgiving in August

Here they are - my two little greatgrandkids!   They are both adorable and I am so happy to have been able to spend time with them.   A joy!   And it was so nice to see these three pretty girls, too!
Norah, on the left, is expecting a sibling for Henry in January.  Molly, in the middle, is Annie's mom.  The third sweetie is Hannah, who was in the Peace Corps for two years.   So fun to be with them again - they are a treasured part of my life.   The three of them took me to Traverse City and we had pedicures for one of my birthday gifts.  There were three birthdays celebrated - Henry will be 2 in three days,  Norah 36 on the 11th and then my 85th is almost here. 

My daughter had the idea that since we wouldn't be together on Thanksgiving this year that we have a Thanksgiving dinner while we were at the cabin.   We did!   She did a turkey in her big roaster (barely got it in) and everyone else was assigned a part of the feast.  My contribution was pumpkin pie.   The turkey smell floated all around the vicinity and it smelled so good!   The weather was so cool - more like October than August!
Here is the table of food where we filled our plates and then took them out to the picnic table in front of the cabin to enjoy the great Thanksgiving traditional dinner--turkey, dressing, gravy, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, greenbeans in mushroom soup and rolls followed by pumpkin pie and a yummy chocolate pie.

Here is everyone there (my son and his wife could not make it that weekend but will be coming up in two weeks).   I am so blessed with having such a great family - I love them all with all my heart!  

A good group!!