Wednesday, August 21, 2013

85 Years Ago

Eighty-five years ago today, my dad filled out the birth announcements to let family and friends know that he and mom had a new little baby girl.

And here I am - probably over six months old.   Now I am 85 which is rather mind-boggling to think about, especially since most of the time I don't really feel old.  Of course,  I know I am, but I am one of the fortunate elders who has been blessed with a loving family, wonderful friends and the gift of quite good health  with most of my mind still intact.   I am so very thankful for all of those blessings.

Joining the Droll family later were two more little ones - Joanne (Jo) and Charles (Buddy).  Here are the three of us with our dad in a picture I had never seen until a few years ago.  Very few pictures of my brother when he was a child.  I love this picture.   My dear sister passed away in 1999 at 69 years old - way, way too young.  I miss her.  My "kid" brother and his wife, Dot, live in Gainesville, Florida.   He's only 80.
I grew up in Rome, Illinois, a wide spot in the road north of Peoria and south of Chillicothe where I went to high school.   The war was on, but I was rather blissfully unaware of it to a certain extent.   I remember the day Pearl Harbor was bombed.  I was in the eighth grade.   My brother was too young to be in the service and my father too old and there was no one close to me involved.  Factor in it would be years before there would be any television and the fact that I didn't read the newspaper that much and you can see why the war was something going on far, far away.   However, when I got to go to the movies once in awhile, there were the newsreels that made it real.  Rationing affected everyone, but everyone made it through and no one was complaining.   An entirely different world back then.  Growing up in Rome, we had no telephone and no bathroom!  Made it through just fine but to this day I want nothing to do with camping!   I guess we were really quite poor  --  but I look back at my childhood memories and there is the feeling of being a happy little girl.    

Our wedding day - that is not my hair but a big feathered hat! My Ray and I were married in 1949 and we had 48 years together and two wonderful kids.   

I love this picture of the three of them.  So many years ago -- sixty-four years on the upcoming September 4th.

Here we are quite a few years later ready to go to a class reunion in Chillicothe - mine, this time.  You've heard about the higher the hair, the closer to God.  I was one of the examples back then.

My parents, sister, brother and I sometime in the 1960's.  We had made a couple of moves away from Chillicothe by then. 
The family has grown - three wonderful and well loved granddaughters.  I still love being a grandmother - and now a great grandmother to two little sweethearts, Henry and Annie.  Those who follow my blog cannot miss the pictures of those cutie pies. This picture taken in the mid-80's when we had moved back to Chilli after Ray retired.

The last family picture taken before Ray passed away.  Our son, Bill, and his wife, Ann,  our daughter, Sherry, and her husband, Barclay,  Molly, Norah--
Ray, Hannah and me.   That was taken 16 years ago yesterday.   How blessed am I.   I also am so thankful I have this wonderful pasttime, addiction, passion, whatever you call it, for quilting.  It does not lessen as I get older.  I love the girls I have met through quilting and get to spend time with even though they are all much younger than I.  I am sure that helps me keep from growing old faster.   They refuse to let me play the "old lady card"!   And I so love blogging and the internet.  How fun to have lived long enough to see all that has happened in technology in the last 20 years.  How much has come, become outdated and gone, to be replaced by something else wonderful.  Now I have a cellphone and am taking up texting.   That is turning into a whole lot of fun, too.  I cannot even begin to imagine how it will be when my great grandchildren are my age!    A few posts back, there is a picture of part of my family  up north at Sherry and Barc's cabin if you would like to see a really recent photo.  Bill and Ann weren't able to be there, but they are coming here tomorrow.  I will be so glad to see them again.    My kids, their spouses and I will have a birthday dinner tomorrow night.

So, looking back over my 85 years, I am very content with what I see and consider myself a very fortunate woman.   This is a very happy birthday.

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Janet said...

Happy Birthday, Carol!!! I enjoyed your post so much. It's wonderful to see the old pictures and how your family has changed. You are one amazing lady! I love your blog and admire how you have changed with the times. We just celebrated my uncle and aunt's 100 and 97 birthdays. I wish you many, many more years of family and quilting!!

lil red hen said...

This is so interesting! I knew nothing of the war either since I was less than a year old when the U.S. became involved, but I remember playing with the rationing stamps after the war.

We are very fortunate to have our love of quilting. Everyone needs a hobby; something to keep our minds fresh.

Happy Birthday!!

Donna~~ said...

Wishing you a VERY Happy Birthday and many, many more! Enjoyed your post and seeing your lovely family! (Can't believe you still have your birth announcement--incredible!) And love your quote--will be sharing that with my sister!

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Beautiful post, Carol. Treasured pictures full of a loving family!!


Hugs, Carolyn

Mary Caldwell said...

Happy Birthday Carol~! I hope you enjoy a wonderful day. I am a frequent reader of your blog. Your posts are always interesting and entertaining and your quilts are lovely.

Jen Vangsness said...

Happy Birthday! I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog...I really enjoy reading it and seeing the projects you are working on.

Lutka And Co. said...

Happy Birthday Carol!
I recently started quilting again, and all your past quilts are very inspiring! And your delight in blogging and technology is so wonderful - it is a joy to come visit and read your posts :) Have a happy day!!!

Steffi´s Candy Quilts said...

Happy Birthday!
I love your old family pictures. Looking at old(er) photos is always interesting. The clothes, the hair, the furniture and!
I am a long time reader and enjoy your blog a lot! Have a nice time with your family!

Anonymous said...

That is an excellent posting about your family. A wonderful life---except for the "no bathroom"!
Congratulations on your 85th birthday. I will be there in14 years------God willing

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, my friend. Enjoy your time with your incoming family. Have 2 desserts today, ok. lol

Jewels said...

Can I tell you again LOL - lost track how many spots I have said.....BIG Happy Birthday Carol and see you soon. J

Stephanie said...

Happy happy birthday Carol! What a wonderful life you have had and will continue to have, happy, healthy and quilting! I enjoyed all your pictures and seeing your family! Somehow you feel you know a person better through pictures! Hope you had a wonderful day and many blessings to you!

Linda R. said...

A very Happy Birthday to you. I enjoyed your photos very much!

Anonymous said...

Sending very Happy birthday wishes!
thanks for a very nice blog!

meia ameruddin said...

It's so interesting! Thanks for sharing your story. :) The pictures are wonderful! It's really amazing how you keep them all this while! Wishing you a Happy Birthday. :)

annquilts2 said...

What a wonderful trip you just took me on! Thank you for that story of your life. Happy Birthday to a special lady. I appreciate your friendship and look forward to many more years of it!

diegoagogo said...

Wow! Happy Birthday! I think you have the right attitude to all the changes & having a hobby is definitely a great asset at any stage of life.
Interested people are far more interesting.
Thanks for the glimpses.
Worthing, UK

kim said...

Happy Birthday to you!
I sure sounds like you have a lot of wonderful people around you :)
I really enjoyed reading about your family and I love how much you enjoy quilting and blogging. It's infectious!!

marlu said...

Happy birthday! Loved seeing your family photos. I was 82 in March and quilted for about twelve years. Only machine piecing and hand quilting so I have stopped. I do miss it!

Pokey said...

Happy birthday blessings sweet friend! You are the most inspiring 85 year old lady I know. I love the walk you have shared down memory lane. Here's to a grand year of more creative quilting for us both!
many hugs, pokey