Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Settling Back In After A Very Fun Time

I promise you after this, no more mention of my big birthday!!  It was, however, capped off yesterday with going to lunch with ten of my favorite women in the world--quilting friends who mean so much to me.   They were wondering how many cards had arrived - and, my friends, there were 34 over several days.   That was so much fun - and such a nice surprise.  There were good cupcakes that one of the girls brought for everyone.  And another friend gave me two oh so yummy blueberry muffins, one of which is history now!!  Another good friend gave me a gift certificate from our favorite quiltshop, Park Bench, for a certain amount plus eighty-five cents!  Emphasis on the 85cents!   So now I will settle back and resume my everyday life which is a very good one!   What a fun birthday.

Thought you might like to see a birthday party from probably 82 years ago.  I am the little girl with her hands by her face.  I actually know who most of the women and children are in the picture but won't bore you with that.  I do think the lady at the end of the back row who is actually my favorite Aunt Leah, probably is holding my little sister Jo.   The picture was taken in the front yard of my grandparents' home in  Peoria, Illinois.   Someone had written "Carol's Party" right on the picture.   My mom's family did that a lot - and good for them!!  It has helped me identifying lots of people for my other blog.

If I don't get another post up before, have a wonderful end of summer Labor Day weekend!!  
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lil red hen said...

It's wonderful you've had such a happy birthday!

I love seeing these old pictures; you're so fortunate to have them.