Thursday, August 15, 2013

Some Sweet Nostalgia

Yesterday when my daughter and I were on the way to have dinner at Red Lobster, she said she had been cleaning Hannah's room and taking things to Salvation Army that Hannah no longer wanted, getting rid of things needed to be gotten rid of, etc.   During the cleanup she came across these two darling, little quilted houses.   They were made for Norah and Molly, my two oldest granddaughters,  many years ago by my son's wife's mom - Ruby.  There was an August birthday party at Bill and Ann's house to celebrate multiple birthdays in that month.   There were Ruby, Norah, Ruby's sister and me celebrating on various dates.  Now Henry is in that elite mix!   Sherry said she will be sending the two houses to Henry and Annie - how cool is that.   I think they will have hours of fun with the cute little residents and their homes.   Later on,  Henry can share the play with his little sister!!!!   Norah is expecting a little girl this time - just found that out.  Yeah!!

Little bunnies live in one house and cute little bears live in the other.  Aren't they adorable?  Sherry did daycare when Hannah was a baby and these were also played with by her little charges.  

It ran in my mind for some reason that Ruby used a McCall pattern for this.  I googled it and I found the pattern! 
There it was on Etsy and it's cost there is $20.00. 
Here is a picture of the bunny house and inhabitants.  I must say Ruby did a super job on the wonderful gift she gave the girls.  She is a super lady, too!   Perfect second mother for Bill.

Quote of the Day--(Not exactly a quote but a good idea!)


Queenie Believe said...

These little houses are adorable!
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Jewels said...

That is so cool Carol - how wonderful they will keep staying in the family

Leslie said...

Oh wow I just love those little houses. Linda and I are at her booth in Grand Rapids . It is tons of work but we are enjoying it. I just sent off a baby girl quilt done in elephants with the moms choice of fabric from Joann's and was it cute.