Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cute Projects

Since becoming a great grandma and having little ones in the family again, I find myself drawn to projects that would be fun young children maybe now or maybe
later.  Pinterest is a treasure trove for all things fun.  Case in point - this sweet nativity scene made from felt and found at the following link along with patterns. 

Included is the pattern for the figures and the instructions.  This looks like something that could be put used and then put away for the ensuing years and children.  Thinking hard on this one!

Here is another  cute project which looks to be pretty simple to do.  The little fellow even looks a bit like Henry.   I'm sorry I could not find the website to give credit.  This is a pretty straightforward project and could be any size you wanted.



If you like this felt snowflake garland on rickrack, go to the link above and find out all about this pretty project.  Would be rather labor intensive, but what a beauty you would have over the years.  So many beautiful things to make!!!!
Pinterest is full of such awesome stuff!

Next post I do will be on the Nancy Page  Laurel Wreaths quilt I started some time ago.  I have been sewing leaves on the last of the wreaths and will be appliquing the squares between.  I am hot and cold on that one, but warmer than I am cool. 

Some wise words-- 

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Karen said...

Thanks for the Nativity link. I just printed out the patterns. I would use wool instead of felt.