Monday, September 2, 2013

Last Holiday of Summer

Not autumn yet, but not far away, either.  My favorite time of year - always was and always will be.  The colors, the crisper air, the crunchy leaves, school starting, time for veggie soup and pumpkin pie - I love everything about it.  I even like cool rainy fall days.

However, this is Labor Day, the last hurrah of summer.   Thought you might enjoy a picture Norah texted of Henry at his first parade today.
There he is with daddy and with his little American flag.  Love his hat!   Henry and his dad are such good buddies and have a great time together.  Mom fits right in there, also!! 

And I cannot leave out Annie - even though this is not a holiday picture. 
Here she is with her daddy and the table and chairs he has made for her.  Can you imagine the wonderful tea parties that will be had sitting on those chairs and eating from that beautiful table?   I think these two have a mutual admiration society going!!  This was Doug's summer project.  A treasure.

I have rather goofed off this week which is actually good for a person once in a while.  Loving my new tv - and have taken to watching an English series called "Doc Martin" which has me hooked.  It's quirky, funny and sometimes exciting.  I have also started sewing together the rows of the snowball quilt but you have seen enough of that.  The weather has cooled down and that feels good.  So tomorrow will start a short week and things will be back to more normal.  Thinking about making some kind of soup tonight.  Going to google vegetable chowder and see what I find.   If nothing else, I will make cheesie potato soup.

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Leslie said...

Yummy, that sounds good. I am with you fall can be such a pretty time of the year. I have always loved golds, yellows, reds and oranges.

kim said...

I love Doc Martin too!
Stay tuned- they're making new episodes :)