Thursday, September 26, 2013

Laurel Wreath

Back up on the basement wall again and now all thirteen of the wreaths have the vines and leaves appliqued.   There will be five by five blocks - the wreaths separated by a block with a single motif.
I got this idea from a quilt I found on the internet and it's much easier than doing 25 of the wreaths. 
The original quilt plan--would have been great, too.

I had some of this ombre fabric that I will use for sashing.  Ordered more of it from Glorious Color so now have enough to do anything I want with it.   Love, love the colors.  Not sure what I will do for the border but I have plenty of the background fabric and the green for stems if I wish to use it.

One of the blocks I just appliqued. 
Here is a filler block --
and another--
and still looking for candidates to add.    I have so many books and the entire internet so it's hard to make choices!   There are too many!!
The absolute mess in the basement!!   All that Kaffe fabric messed up as I find the right pieces for the very small appliques.  That will take a while to clean up but eventually it will get done.  Applique creates havoc with fabric!  Some of it looks like Swiss cheese.   But it's fun!

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Jewels said...

How wonderful Carol! LOVE the colours...your fabric mess is a riot LOL

annquilts2 said...

Love it Carol! I just see organized chaos in your sewing area, not a mess. There's a difference. At least I hope so 'cause that is what mine looks like!

Karen said...

Love the Laurel Wreath blocks Carol and such a fabulous piece of ombre fabric. And, I think the mess in the basement is a wonderful thing!