Saturday, September 7, 2013

One of my Favorite Things and Snowball Progress

This counted cross stitch was done by my husband in 1986.  I actually started it but the fabric had such small threads and it was done over one.  Ray finished it - I had not done hardly anything on it.  The deisgner is P. Buckley Moss and it is a beautiful piece - I treasure it.  I found the frame in a little antique store in a town north of Chillicothe where we lived at the time, and I thought it was just perfect for this lovely piece.
His stitches are wonderful - he would always stitch and stab where I worked from the top of the hoop.  There are many beautiful cross stitch pictures that he did.  I have others hanging in my home and Sherry and Ann have some also.  This was something he started doing when he retired - and he also framed and matted them after I washed and got them ready for framing.
 I am loving the photos my IPhone takes.  They are very nice!   Excuse the little bright dot, but I was taking the photo through the glass of the frame.

Another mess in the room where my machine is.  It has been so neat for a couple of weeks!!  No more! 
I have the snowball top together and the polka dot border of 3 and 1/2 inches ready to attach.  What to do about a backing?  I have lots of Kaffe fabrics but not many pieces bigger than 1/2 yard and not many of those.  So I decided to do some piecing.  No rhyme nor reason and lots of the pieces on the back are not in the front - but no matter.  I cut pieces strips 6" and 7" wide and also 3" and 2" wide.   Have been randomly cutting the strips in half or thirds and sewing them together so that each is long enough to cover the width of the top plus a surplus for the quilter.  It's taking more time than I thought it would, but it's going to be pretty cool.  I will put in a narrow row every couple of rows and that should add interest.  I actually am using up some of my excess fabric.  Did go out to Park Bench and buy a few pieces - hopefully I will have enough to finish now.  Will post a picture of the back - and the front again - when it's all together. 

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lil red hen said...

What a treasure!

Janet said...

Your husband's picture is beautiful and what a treasure. I tried to do counted cross stitch, but I found it very hard going with poor eye sight. Your project is so bright and cheerful--looking forward to the finish. I love your motto--I believe in the power of ice cream too.

Lindah said...

Ohhh, I do love your P Buckley Moss piece. Such fine work. And the frame is perfect for it.

I have just found your blog and I can tell that it is a treasure. I'm looking forward to future posts.


kim said...

That is the perfect frame for your husband's needlework, beautiful!
I love that you shared a photo of your sewing room in use. Pictures of sewing rooms all tidied up are nice, but we all know they aren't like that most of the time, haha!