Monday, September 30, 2013

Some More Quilts from the Quilt Expo

One of two of this pattern, both were gorgeous.   This particular quilt was done in all batiks and is a stunner and one of my favorite at the show.  I would love to do one in the same manner and it would be very simple to make the block. 
Here it is in beautiful flowery prints and it, also, is gorgeous.  I don't know the name of the quiltmakers, but they should be very proud of these lovely pieces.
Turning the corner and heading down the aisle between displays, you were greeted with this absolutely electric, wonderful quilt!  What a standout it is.  I try to figure out how it's done, but just can't.  Kathy says it's tessellated.  Whatever it is, it's gorgeous.

Two pictures of an unbelievably awesome crazy quilt done by hand which tells the story of the maker's life.  Again, I am sorry I don't have a name.  I think she came to the US from Germany in the mid-fifties.  I must use a word that is so overused nowadays,  but it describes it perfeclty - the quilt is amazing!
A quilt from a book that I have (I think it's by Blackbird Designs) and that fascinates me so much I would like to do one.  The blocks are only five or six inches and every so often there is a nine patch block thrown in.  Again, no name to put to this pretty quilt.
Little nine patches alternated with plain blocks.  I kid you not, the nine patch pieces are about 1/2 inch square.  Jaw dropping!  And so perfectly done.  Surely must have been done with strips then cut.   My hat is off to the unknown quilter!

Here is a birdie I made for one of the blocks in the Laurel Wreath quilt.  I like this little guy sitting on the bunch of grapes.

Here's how it is coming along with the filler blocks being readied for applique.  I think it is going to be a-okay.

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Jan Baker said...

Love these quilts. Of course they make me want to put away what I am doing and start something new.