Friday, September 27, 2013

What a Nice Day

It was such a pretty fall day for a road trip to Birch Run with Kathy and Stephanie to go to the first annual Quilter's Showcase at the Expo Center there.  For being the first,  it was a lovely show and there were many great vendors with all sorts of tempting items for those of us hooked on quilting!  I want you to know that I have friends that really, really make gorgeous quilts!!  Our guild was well represented.  Lots and lots of lovely pieces there.  I took pictures with my phone but had a time getting it to work like I wanted it to.  Will have to look into this aspect of the device more.  However, I managed to get some pretty good photos and you can get an idea of what was there.   This photo is of Linda's quilts -  Linda does the most amazing paper piecing and designs all her own pieces on EQ7. 

She also had a booth there selling her patterns and kits and also some fabric.  I should have taken a picture of her booth - it is amazing to see all of her beautiful work hanging together.  Leslie, another good friend, goes along with Linda and helps her. 
Leslie does beautiful work, also!  Here is her dresden plate quilt - the centers of each of the plate is embroidered.   Wish I could control my camera better - I would have taken some closeups.
Here is Kathy standing by her Dresden Plate quilt.  This lady does machine quilting on  her home sewing machine that is unbelievable!   Just exquisite.
At the bottom left (I did get a closeup of this) you can see the itsy, bitsy little circles that are so perfectly done along with other gorgeous fill. 
Another wonderful wallhanging done by Kathy and
here is one that is a whole cloth - no applique - just beautiful thread and done freehand.   Is  that not amazing?
Another friend, Earlene, did this really great hanging with a shadow effect.  This one was taken from a magazine - I think Quiltmaker.  And it was in Quiltmaker as an example of how patterns look in other colors. 

This was fun to see - my two quilts that hung in Paducah - the left one in 1992 and the right in 2002 - hanging side by side.  I am very proud of the fact that they were picked to be shown by AQS.  The black one, Blooms in the Night, won second place in Amateur Applique.  From There to There to There to Here did not win -  but I always figure it is a win to be juried in.  A great moment in my life!  I have no doubt, however, that either one of these quilts would ever be juried in in this day and age.  Both quilts are machine appliqued and hand quilted.  
I also had this one in the show.  I was editing my pictures and rather screwed up the color on this one.   It looks so very pretty hanging with the light above.  This was one that Linda quilted for me and did such a wonderful job.  It pops up on Pinterest every now and again. 

I have some more pictures of other pretty quilts which I will save for another post!  I would say that the first annual Quilters Showcase started out with a bang.  A lovely time of year to have it - the fall color is starting in mid-Michigan and it was a lovely day.  Good time!!!

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Leslie said...

Great photos. I am glad that you had a fun day. Fall is wonderful, I agree.

Jewels said...

Beautiful as always Carol - so glad you got to go and we had a GREAT Fall week didn't we!

Maria said...

Beautiful quilts! I found your Pinterest boards and thought I'd visit your blog. Have loved reading your posts.
Maria (fromAustralia)