Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Couple of Things

Haven't taken many pictures of my flowers this year.  Actually, they haven't done as well as usual.  This hanging basket by my front door has had the orange flowers blooming all summer but certainly wasn't as pretty as I thought it would be.  Since fall has set on, the yellow begonia has started to bloom and it now shows up nicely.   Next year I will try something else there.  It will really have to be a shade plant since it's under the eave and gets no sunshine at all.  
This one that is under the big pine tree in front is doing itself proud this fall.   With just a few measly blooms and no little white flowers at all, it was just a basket of greenery all summer.  Now it's very pretty.  Some years you have great luck with your plantings and other times, not so much.  Begonias are a favorite flower of mine.
I have been following a blog http://leeprairiedesigns.blogspot.com/ almost since I first started blogging over five years ago.  Carolyn has a fun blog and we have commented back and forth with an occasional e-mail for a long time now.  Sometimes she sends along a little watercolor drawing she has done.  This came in an e-mail a few days ago.  Wish I could draw like that!  So cute for this time of year - thought I would share this little bear pulling her pumpkin in a wagon!   Thank you, Carolyn - it's cute as a button.

A thought for today--
I really do!!!!!


Jewels said...

I think the cold weather is finally coming so it will be time soon to put the garden down for the winter. Lovely water colour....

Leslie said...

That water color is just so sweet. What a festive drawing and such a nice job.

Debby said...

Carol - you are a national treasure!
I love fall, too