Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Couple of Things

Taken through the window with the screen on it, here is my hanging basket of begonias on the 27th of October in Michigan!  Blooming profusely and still gorgeous, I think this may make it until into November!   There is also the other one out under the big pine tree (doesn't show in this picture) that is still gorgeous, also, and it may be around for a while yet, too.   We have had killing frost, but these are protected - this one is under the overhang by my front door and the other has all the huge pine tree above it.   Can't bear to take them down yet.  Everything else is gone now except the mandevilla next to the house on the patio and I will take that apart soon.

Now I will share a little video with you - this time of Annie who is now getting around really well.  She is 11 months old - how the time does fly!   Enjoy this little movie and check out her manner of crawling if you have a minute or two and so desire!!
Wednesday I will be going with one of my favorite quilters, Lori, for a day trip to the quilt retreat our quilting friends will be at for four days this week.  Really looking forward to going - if I were five years younger, I would be there for the entire thing!!  Thank you,  Lori, for asking me to go along!!   I will take pictures of what the gals are up to!  It's a little fuzzy but it's cute.

Some words for the day--


Pokey said...

Oh, she wants to be walking! What a cute little scoot Annie has ~

Jewels said...

Oh my Carol - lovely to still have some garden colour - I put my garden down this weekend for the winter. Have a wonderful time at the retreat...