Thursday, October 17, 2013

Hoo, Hoo!

 I have been wanting to make something "owl" for sometime now and now that has happened.  I used the pattern from the panel I bought from one of the vendors at the luncheon in Frankenmuth.
 owl+pillow.jpg (1195×1600)
Changed the wings to be a part of the body instead of sewn on loosely.  You probably know "who" will get these little hoot owls already.
I may sew a black button in the center of each eye - then, except for the stuffing, which I am out of,  they will be ready to go live with a couple of cute little kids!!  These will make nice, soft, squishy pillows for Annie Owl and Henry Hoot.

I wanted to add one more thing - I made a discovery that really helps when using fusible web.  I have used Heat and Bond Lite mainly because it is easy to remove the backing paper, but it is considerably stiffer than Pellon  Wonder Under.  The Pellon gives me fits trying to get the bqcking off - especially small pieces.  Today I was using it and the pieces I was working on were larger.  Out of the blue, I took a sharp pin and scratched a couple of lines across the paper on the cutout piece.  I was able to easily pick the backing up and pull the piece off the applique.  It sometimes came off in two pieces, but at least I wasn't geting any raggedy edges.  Worked well on the smaller circles for the eyes,. also.  You may already do it this way, but, if not, give it a try when you are fusing.  I am giving myself an "attagirl, Carol" for that one.

I think it's time for some Halloween words--
Cute idea for a wallhanging!!!


Jewels said...

These turned out GREAT Carol - you are so clever! Stay dry in this rainy weather...

Pokey said...

Oh, so cute!

Leslie said...

they are very cute, and will be lots of fun for the kids. Very colorful.