Friday, October 4, 2013

How to Make Applique Patterns from Pics off the Internet

I am working on round robin for a project that our quilt guild is doing thought up by Lori, one of the most fun people in our guild.  The theme is "Positive Affirmations" which I was having a time figuring out.  Did some searching on the internet (love that place!!) and have pretty well figured out what I will be doing for the start of my piece and will be able to work out the four other ones that I will work on.  This wide eyed little gal will be in my block.  I took her from a darling drawing I found on the internet, cropped out most of the picture and just have her.  Will show you how she turns out later on after she is done and makes her debut at guild with the rest of the PA round robins.  Thought you might like to know how I did this - you may and probably do know how to do this already.  But, if not, it's nice to be able to use what you would like.  So many ideas out there.

I love the way you can pretty much make a pattern of any size from most any appropriate picture online.  Here is a pattern that is supposedly free - I hope it is.  Say you don't want the entire thing - just part of it.  I put the picture in a photoimaging program that I have - Microsoft Digital Image Pro 10 - crop it and print it out.  I am not expert at using the program but can usually do what I wish with it like cropping, etc.
Here's the scaled down version of the little birdie on the limb and his music notes.  In the program, I can actually make the picture any size I wish.  If I am doing a 6 inch block, I will make it that size or any other size up to the size that fits on a sheet of paper.  You can make them larger, but you will have to do portions of the pattern separately and then tape the pieces together. 

Print the picture out then either put it on a light box right side down and draw around it with a sharpie fine line pen.  Or you can draw around it  on the right side with the sharpie then turn it over and retrace the lines which are showing up from the topside.  It helps if you put a plain white piece of paper beneath the reversed pattern.

I didn't outline the entire picture, but you can see where I did.  The printer printed in gray scale which is good.
Here is the back which I traced from the markings showing through from the front.  This also puts your pattern in reverse for fusing purposes.  From this drawing, you can trace your individual pieces on to the fusible web you are using.  It also works pretty well (if you are using a light background) to put this pattern under your fabric block to lay out the pieces.   Hope you can use this sometime - I really do this a lot.

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