Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Poinsiettas, Little Video and Desktop Wallpaper

Gorgeous, right?  
And this one, also!  I was at Target today and saw these lovely poinsiettas for $3.99 each.  How could a person turn those down.  I bought two - will share with Sherry. 
Some little girl in Portland had her very first birthday on Friday.  Annie was born on Thanksgiving in 2012 and a year has gone by already.   Here is a little video her mommy sent along of Annie with one of her birthday gifts.  Happy Birthday, little doll!!  Annie is on the move now and probably will be walking soon.  They grow so fast!

I wanted something warm and cozy as a wallpaper on my monitor.  This is what I found - just love it.  I also have another one that I can use-----
Love this one, also.  You can find just about anything you want out there on that web!

Will be having Thanksgiving here at my house with Sher and Barclay - just the three of us.  Thought it might be nice for Barc to watch the games on my nice new tv.   We will cook the same kind of turkey we had at our Thanksgiving dinner in July at the cabin.  That was sooo much fun.  Our meal will be the same and Sher and I will each do part of it.   I will do the pumpkin pie but make some brownies for Barclay.  Looking forward to it.  I am sure there will be some facetime or skype with Denver and Portland. 

Here's a cute little felt turkey - will use it as a way to send you my wishes for a lovely, full of good food, family, and friends Thanksgiving to all of you from the Funoldhag!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

My Dresden Plate is Back and a Christmas Project

Linda brought me my dresden plate when we were at Sit and Sew on Tuesday.   I am absolutely thrilled with the quilting she did for me!   It really is about the most beautiful quilt I have ever made - at least in my eyes.  And she did such an amazing job in choosing and carrying out the quilt patterns. 
 These pictures don't do justice it - the color is so saturated it is hard to get a good photo.  You can see the lovely swirls in one of the setting blocks and the outline quilting around the plates.   After I get it bound, I will take my time and get better pictures.

At Park Bench the other day, I saw a panel for an advent calendar hanging.  I have one that I made several years ago from a Nancy Halvorsen (think that is the right name) panel.   A few of the little pieces are hanging on the buttons.    It's cute like all of her designs.
Now that there are two little ones and soon to be a third in our family,  I decided it's time to pass this along to one of the families and then quickly put together the new one for the other group of sweeties.

 All pinned and ready to quilt - actually, I am almost done quilting the main part of the panel.......
with my usual loop the loops.  I did all the outlining in invisible thread - certainly is forgiving and much quicker than trying to stay right on the lines.   For the background, though, I have used some bottom line thread in a cream and it looks good.  
Now I don't know which one to give to which family.   Guess I will just draw a straw or name out of a hat or something.  They are both cute as buttons and I am sure the little ones will like either one.  Will sew buttons on the tree for all the little pieces that have to be fused to felt and cut out.  On the Santa, I actually covered small buttons and sewed those on.  Probably will just find some plain ones in red for this one.

A thought for the day-----  

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Making Some Christmas Trees

Sometime ago, I did a post with a picture of a felt Christmas tree that little kids could decorate and I wanted to do one for Henry and Annie.  Henry will probably get a kick out of this, but I think Annie is still too little.  She has her first birthday on the 22nd of this month!!!   The time goes by so fast!   However, Molly and Doug could put it up on the wall in her room this year if they wanted to.   The green shows up really dark in the picture.  Don't know how it can be attached to the wall - probably double sided tape.  I could have done more embellishing, but thought it best to keep it simple and not attach things the little ones could get in trouble with.  This also would be a fun project for older children - can just see little girls five or six doing fancy things with the ornaments.  Pom pons could also be stuck on the felt.  Anyway, it didn't take long, wasn't expensive and I hope they will have a bit of fun with these little trees for a few Christmases at least.   Goodness, there is a lot of  thread up on my design wall!!  Lots of things have hung up there in all stages of being created.

Look at this!!  Leslie was at Linda's yesterday and Linda has my dresden on the long arm.  Leslie took this picture with her phone.  It is soooo pretty!  I will have it soon.   She also sent a little video of the machine working away on my quilt.  Had a hard time getting the video to me but she perservered and with the help of the fellows in her household it came through.  It's a short video but very neat!   Not quite sure which folder it is in so won't post it now.


I got this pretty little group of fat quarters at Joann's the other day.  Had coupons burning a hole in my pocket and thought this was pretty.  Also expensive - their better quilters fabric is about $13.00 a yard.  That is more than our lovely quilt shops.  That's where coupons come in - except that what you want is usually on sale and the coupons don't work then.   And Joann's does not have the selection or fun atmosphere of my favorite place to get fabric.  There are things that make it essential to go to Joann's - buttons, notions, etc.    

Right now my house smells like veggie soup!!  Yummy!  I am going to share with Sherry, but she will come get some tomorrow evening.  It's always better the second day anyway.   So I know what I will be having for at least three days!  Money in the bank!

A fun thought--

Saturday, November 9, 2013

I Think I Win the Title of Being the Messiest Quilter

Here are some pictures of my sewing area - it would be so nice to have a studio but that ain't gonna happen and I really do manage fine most of the time.  And it has been ever thus with me - when I am doing anything like this, everything kind of flies.  I always seem to have to do lots of ripping out, also, since I am not careful about what is under my project when I sew.  Eventually I get tired of that and do start to be more observant about what lurks underneath the piece I am working on.  

I have about five or six pin cushions on this side of my machine - love them all as they are all handmade and should be out where I can use them and see them.
I can start out with everything in pretty good order--however, when I am working on something that is unplanned - that is, pulling different fabrics and interviewing them for a project--I can really get things muddled up.  Thread flies, scraps fly and there is general chaos in my sewing area.  A few things hit the wastebasket but I do have to every so often pick up some of it and put it in where it belongs.   My piles of fabric get to be a squirrel's nest and I can never find anything.  Seam ripper and scissors are the ones that elude me most of the time.   I think I am getting worse as I get older.  And the basement work area is just about as messy.   Will have a day of putting things back to right again. 

This is the pile of projects that has caused this situation!  And I am enjoying working on them.  
A really bright spot in the room!  My Christmas cactus is blooming.  Usually it is a Halloween cactus and this year it is later and may be still blooming for Thanksgiving.  The bloom is almost flourescent.  Did I spell that right?

And now a word from Maxine!
Enjoy the rest of the weekend!!


Sunday, November 3, 2013

For the New Little Baby on the Way

Have been thinking and looking on the internet for ideas for another baby quilt for Henry's new little sister who will be born after the first of the year.  I purchased some pretty fabric in dots and stripes and solids.  Thinking owls, I have looked at many owl quilts on Pinterest and different websites and printed out different owls that I could work from for ideas.  The owls on the design wall are just paper pinned up to get an idea of how many, how they will look, etc.
Here are a few of the many cute little birds (I guess they are birds!) that are all over the internet.  Owls are really in!   I want to make tree limbs and leaves in each of the white spaces where the owls will live.   Perhaps a few birds and butterflies will be mixed in.

A few of the fabrics that I will use for the owls.  Should be fun choosing the colors for the appliques.  The inspiration for this came from a quilt made by my friend, Kathy, for one of two of her first grandchildren due in the next months.  Unfortunately,  I didn't take a picture of it but I did find her inspiration picture--
Kathy used polka dots in hers.  This is a Riley Blake Design.

How about a giggle for today?  I love Maxine - she tells it like it is!!