Thursday, November 14, 2013

Making Some Christmas Trees

Sometime ago, I did a post with a picture of a felt Christmas tree that little kids could decorate and I wanted to do one for Henry and Annie.  Henry will probably get a kick out of this, but I think Annie is still too little.  She has her first birthday on the 22nd of this month!!!   The time goes by so fast!   However, Molly and Doug could put it up on the wall in her room this year if they wanted to.   The green shows up really dark in the picture.  Don't know how it can be attached to the wall - probably double sided tape.  I could have done more embellishing, but thought it best to keep it simple and not attach things the little ones could get in trouble with.  This also would be a fun project for older children - can just see little girls five or six doing fancy things with the ornaments.  Pom pons could also be stuck on the felt.  Anyway, it didn't take long, wasn't expensive and I hope they will have a bit of fun with these little trees for a few Christmases at least.   Goodness, there is a lot of  thread up on my design wall!!  Lots of things have hung up there in all stages of being created.

Look at this!!  Leslie was at Linda's yesterday and Linda has my dresden on the long arm.  Leslie took this picture with her phone.  It is soooo pretty!  I will have it soon.   She also sent a little video of the machine working away on my quilt.  Had a hard time getting the video to me but she perservered and with the help of the fellows in her household it came through.  It's a short video but very neat!   Not quite sure which folder it is in so won't post it now.


I got this pretty little group of fat quarters at Joann's the other day.  Had coupons burning a hole in my pocket and thought this was pretty.  Also expensive - their better quilters fabric is about $13.00 a yard.  That is more than our lovely quilt shops.  That's where coupons come in - except that what you want is usually on sale and the coupons don't work then.   And Joann's does not have the selection or fun atmosphere of my favorite place to get fabric.  There are things that make it essential to go to Joann's - buttons, notions, etc.    

Right now my house smells like veggie soup!!  Yummy!  I am going to share with Sherry, but she will come get some tomorrow evening.  It's always better the second day anyway.   So I know what I will be having for at least three days!  Money in the bank!

A fun thought--


Leslie said...

Oh boy, you are so right, I needed help sending that video. For an 20 second video it took all of us 2 and a half hours to figure out how to get it sent to you. lol

kim said...

What a cute idea that felt Christmas tree is! I loved playing with felt shapes when I was little.
Your Dresden quilt is gorgeous!!! I can't wait to see it when the quilting is done. Looks great so far :)

lil red hen said...

What a wonderful idea for a Christmas decoration! I don't have anymore little ones to fix things for since the youngest just turned 15. You Are FUN for the grands!

Funoldhag said...

I have had some comments via e-mail and one other person that they are having trouble leaving me a comment. I have fiddled around with the settings and think I have disabled word verification but should still be able to see comments before they are published. I had a lot of trouble with spam - that is the only reason I have done this. Hope it works!! the funoldhag